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Select commanders: Dancer - a sophisticated, calculating dancer. She used to frequent the high social circles of Los Santos and served as a plaything to numerous men until her later retreat from the elite social hub. SHe was seen managing a bar of her own in the pub district, growing her own force. It is obvious that a person with an everlasting longing for something bigger, especially if it’s a vicious and merciless woman, will certainly make a difference when the right moment arrives.

Detective - a well known private detective secretly in charge of a powerful force. Grown up in a slum, he’s very good at dealing with people of little importance in all walks of life and often able to reach major cases via traces that are simply ignored by others. He has slowly disappeared after his discovery of the speaker of the house’s secret lovers. Nobody knows whether he’s already dead or hiding somewhere drafting a plan.

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Diva - a social butterfly on the fashion stage. Often the center of attention at all kinds of business parties, she’s been keeping her lofty dream alive with her perfect body and graceful temperament, a great dream about ruling the entire world. She’s gathered a group of followers sharing the same ideals. Once an opportunity presents itself, she’ll rise up high and trample all those party men under her feet.
Commanders only differ in appearance, their performances in battle are exactly the same.

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When a character’s Energy is full, they can use their ultimate skill. Before enemies launch a devastating blow or after they use a damage over time skill, we can use protective buffs on our allies. When a goon is knocked back to the edge, his attacks may be disturbed. Taking damage can also provide skill recovery. You can get more powerful goons by using search or cheat codes. Every day, you have a free chance for gold draw. In the goon list screen, you can view your units, upgrade them and edit your lineup. Ranged heroes should be placed in the rear.
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Defensive goons usually have a higher knockback RES. Purple stats indicate a ship’s basic stats: they are always improved when the chip is upgraded. Promote your goons to make them more powerful. As they are promoted, the colors of their names will change as well. A stunned enemy will have their skills interrupted and can’t perform any action. When a ranged character is approached, they won’t be able to attack.

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