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Free hack Citytopia cheats code list - epic card, speed up, cash, promo ticket, purple pack, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Citytopia cheat world: hi, my name is cheat-on. I heard you want to build the most extraordinary city ever! This is a fantastic project, and i’ll be your advisor in this journey. Let’s start building this city right now! Your objective is to grow your city, one neighbourhood at a time, from a very humble “nowhere” up to the mythical “Citytopia”. We’ll use cards to build the city. There are many cards to discover and collect! Hack a first card pack to help you get started. There are 3 main categories of cards: homes, factories, and stores. Homes have residents who request varied goods, like bread. Factories produce those Goods. Workers must be sent from homes towards factories to produce goods.

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Stories receive the gods produced in the factories and can store them. Finally you can loop the loop: stories can sell goods to homes, and satisfy their residents. When you send goods to homes, their residents are satisfied and generate happiness, which is key for the growth of the city. Let’s start by building a home. Open the build menu. Build a house so new residents can move in. Open the homes category. It seems you own one bungalows type card. Tap to check the cards from this type. There are 5 card levels, with different stats and looks. For now, you have a level 1 bungalows card. Drag it onto an empty city lot.

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Choose an empty lot. The placement is valid when the highlight under the building turns green. Placing buildings costs coins. Tap the checkmark to pay and start building the Bungalows. Buildings take time to build. Give the crew a few seconds to wrap up. Look, the new residents are requesting bread! Satisfy their need to generate happiness. Let’s get to work. TO provide bread, you need to build a factory first. Open the build menu > the factories category. YOu own a workshop type card. Select the workshop and drag it to an empty city slot. The only good available for now is the bread. Drag it to the empty slot to assign it to the workshop.

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DO you see the timer? The construction takes some time, and we won’t wait. Tap the timer to see how to accelerate the construction (use hack cheat code). YOu’re familiar with coins, it’s time to introduce cash. It’s a rare currency you can earn through the game, and that you can spend to speed up timers.
Your factory needs workers! Tap on the request icon above the factory to check the details. As you can see, all requirements are met! Tap on go to find available workers that we can send to the factory to produce bread. Available workers appear in rounded bubbles above homes. Tap one with enough workers to fulfil the request. It will send them to the workshop. Transporting the workers takes some time. You can tap on the hack delivery timer to speed things up. Or use some cash to speed up the delivery by tipping the driver.

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