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Free hack Civilization War Last King cheats code list - troops, energy, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Civilization War Last King cheat world: my lord, your exceptional leadership has achieved great advancement for the civilization and peace throughout the continent. I will continue to do my best to support your effort for the peace in this world.
Other lords have betrayed you and have joined forces. Their army is now marching to our city! Enemy soldiers are looting everything in our city! We can’t hold the enemies off any longer. You must escape...

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Thank goodness! We escaped their search. They will never find this place. However, the war is on and they will soon sweep across the continent. We will be found sooner or later. We need to increase our power as much as possible before they find us. It will not be easy but i have faith in you.
The castle is finally built! This place will be our new lands where we will build strong and powerful civilization. I will tell you some information about managing our domestic affairs so that you can establish a foundation and build our civilization.

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First, we must acquire sufficient resources. You can build resource buildings at the outside of the castle walls. Select a building site. Various buildings can be constructed on the outskirts of the castle. First, select a farm - farm produces food which is used for constructing buildings and training troops. All buildings have required conditions and resources for construction. Completing the construction requires a certain amount of time. The time required for construction varies according to the type and level of the building.

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If you remaining build time is below 5 minutes, then you can instantly complete the building. All resources are produced automatically but you must gather them manually. Recommended missions will guide you on the development of your civilization. If you don’t know what to do, following the recommended missions is a good idea. I think you should build depot for storing resources. Depot can protect some of your valuable resources from being looted by the enemies. Food stored in the depot will not be consumed by the soldiers as well. Be sure to upgrade your depot continuously to ensure that you have stable supply of resources.

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Instructions Civilization War Last King: I think that should cover the domestic affairs. now let’s check out the field we call the continent. There are various resources in the continent, but there are also many dangers. I see some bandits. They are one of the many dangers that exist on the continent. You’d best send troops to subjugate the bandits! In order to obtain victory, you must first understand your enemy. Knowing your enemies before you fight them will increase your chances for victory.
Obtaining opponent’s army details and building your army based on the intelligence will give you advantage in defeating your enemy.

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