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This is a legendary tale from the continent of Midgard. At the heart of Midgard grows a giant, sacred tree known as the tree of Origin. For centuries it has nourished the earth. Founded near the scard tree, Moonlight city was Midgard’s center of power and coveted by the great powers. In the end, Rolles, the son of Mankind, because its master.
But the Dark God Chaos returned from the Void with his evil legion. As the city was under siege, Rolles and his people prepared to make their final stand.
King Rolles and his people managed to defeat chaos, who was sealed by the ancient magic of tree guardians. But the victory came at a terrible cost. Rolles sacrificed himself at the final battle. Without the master of Moonlight city, the world will see conflicts again and soon. A new Lord will be needed to rule the Moonlight city.

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My Lord! YOu’re finally here! Just like the time Elder had foreseen. I’ve been expecting you for a long time. I am Cheat-on, and i was entrusted by the time Elder to wait you here. You are one who is destined to save the continent. Are you confused? Don’t worry , i’ll explain to you. The green bar represent HP and the blue bar represents energy. Once the energy bar us full, you can tap a hero’s avatar to cast skills.

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There are three powers clashing with one another in Midgard. Please choose the power you wish to join first.
  • Sommer - it’s said that his name Sassim sources from the word “desire” in an ancient language. He constantly hones his fighting and commanding ability, expecting that one day he will be able to capture the world tree. however, Sassim is not a grumpy guy. Of course, this is only for those who are recognized by and familiar to him.
  • Odland - as a descendant of Lancelot, one of the legendary twelve knights of the round table, Milano Lancelot not only inherits her ancestor’s good looks and also superb horsemanship and martial arts.
  • Warner - in his original world, Njord was a sea god revered by fishermen and pirates. When he came to the Midgard continent, his power got weakened, so he decided to adopt another way to make people respect him again - maybe becoming the ruler of the continent is a good choice.

Clash of Crown wiki
My Lord, this is your main city. You’ll need resources to develop it further. At first, let’s build some resource points. It takes time to produce resources, we’ll collect them later. Now we need to recruit some heroes and soldiers to help defending our city. Let’s start with the tavern.

You can level up heroes in dungeons, and you can also acquire necessary materials for heroes to advance and various items there.
To fight in the wilderness, we must train some soldiers in the barrack first. Defeating bandits and monsters yields EXP and equipment. EXP can be used to level up your heroes and legion.
The results of every battle you have fought will be recorded in the form of mails. You can view them at any time.

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  • Fighting in a dungeon will not actually cost your soldiers. However, your heroes' HP will be affected by the number of soldiers, so please replenish your soldiers regularly.
  • Our resource points have yielded a large quantity of resources that can be used to develop our city, making it strongest against our enemies.
  • Hall is the most important building in the city, you can acquire talents and achievements there.
  • Wounded soldiers can be healed in the infirmary.
  • Prosperity affects the the producing speed of gold and resources. Once being breached, your main city will lose prosperity. Once prosperity is reduced to 0, your main city will be forced to move to a random location. Prosperity recovers as time goes, and you can also use diamonds to purchase prosperity. Prosperity has no impact on the output rate of residences.

Clash of Crown tips
Hack cheats tutorial Clash of Crown(wiki):
  • Better to join a legion as fast as you can to enjoy legion welfare.
  • You can recruit heroes from tavern.
  • Activeness quests and dungeons chances are rest at 00:00 daily.
  • Hero star-up increases the hero's combat power.
  • You can recycle useless hero soulstones and gear at altar.
  • Place defenders on Rampart to defend your city and resources being plundered by other players.
  • Upgrading constructions and technologies costs you stone, wood, and iron.
  • Attack other players to get feat, which can be used to increase your title.

Clash of Crown tutorial

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