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Clash of Empire cheat world: now i will guide you through the tutorial. You will learn the basic of the game. Time limit 120 min. Victory condition - defeat all opposing players or occupy the most cities when time is up. Game over - lose all cities. battle roulette - showing info like game time, warfire, etc. When the countdown timer becomes 00:00, the battle is over, and the winner will go to the player who has occupied the most cities.

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Emblem represents your in the battle. It will be shown next to the city that you have occupied. Once cycle of the season roulette is one turn. Players will receive silver, grains and soldiers when fall comes. Using tactics will accumulate warfire tactics cannot be used when too much warfire is accumulated. Warfire will deplete over time. Players can use tactics again when warfire depletes to a certain level.

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Legions can only be created in cities and fortresses, but not in villages. Each legion can deploy up to 3 melee heroes and 3 ranged heroes. Consumption: recruiting reserves into a legion costs you silver. The cost goes up if you are recruiting advanced classes. Dismiss: this will dismiss recruited soldiers who will then return to the city. However any resources incurred will not be returned. Every time you dispatch a legion, it will cost you grains. The consumption goes up when the moving distance is far and the legion's size is big.

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It takes some time until the legion reaches the destination. When arriving at enemy's cities or encountering enemy legions en route, the legion will enter a battle. If your legion wins, it will occupy the city or rout enemy legion. But your legion wll be annihilated if defeated. In order to maintain enough resources for waging wars, you should develop the city. Silver and grain are produced from market and manor respectively. Markets can be built in villages and cities while Manors can only be built in villages. Each village has only one building slot.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: soldiers are produced from barracks which can only be built in the cities. Each city has 6 building slots. The senate can only be built in capitals. It produces multiple resources. Having control over the capital of the province, you will be able to appoint a governor to increase the percentage of the output in the province. The higher the politics of the oppointed governor, the more bonus you will enjoy. All buildings of the city will be destroyed after it is occupied. You will have to spend resources to rebuild the city after occupying it if you want to benefit from it.

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Tutorial Clash of Empire (wiki): when a legion is in need of supplies, you can transfer reinforcements from other cities to the front line. Transferring troops requires grain. The larger the troops, the more grain consumed. It also takes time for the reinforcements to reach their destination. The farther the distance, the longer it takes. Make use of the rally function in the front line cities to transfer soldiers from nearby cities to the destination in a while. The moat and military camp that can be built in fortresses are much more powerful than the ordinary city wall and watch tower. Therefore fortresses are the best defensive stronghold. Make sure it is not fallen to the enemies.

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