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Monsters, treasures, and mysteries... This world is full of challenges and the unknown, drawing many to pursue. They are hunters.
Welcome to new world, rookie! I am Cheat-on, your tutor here. This world is full of danger and wonderful adventures. Therefore, to become the best hunter, you must have partners. To most of the heroes, tavern is their favorite place. here you may gather information and make new friends. This tavern is really popular! Here you may buy other hunters a drink, and they may accept your invitation.

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With these new partners, we may continue our adventure! But don’t forget to make new friends in tavern! Adventure - this is the entrance to adventure stages. The areas there are extremely challenging. There are 10 areas in total. As far as i know, there is no one who has passed all the challenges. What are you still waiting for! let’s roll out!
Each area contains a number of chapters, and each chapter contains 7 stages.

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Predict enemy’s location and cast the next skill to maximize the damage. One more thing! After performing enough combos, you will gain damage bonus. Boss’ skill dealt massive damage to us! Time to call our supporter Kite! Each hunter may select another partner as their supporter. Whenever you clear a dungeon for the first time, you will gain an additional reward.
Clash of Hunter wiki
Characters: Gotoh -as the head housekeeper of the Zoldyck family, young master Killua is under my protection.
Satotz - the examiner of the first part of the hunter exam and a relic hunter who is devoted to relics excavation and protection.
You may use medals to rank up your heroes. Once the requirement is fulfilled, you may unlock new slots and gain bonus stats from that slot.
The skill is enhanced after the upgrade. Each common skill can be upgraded to level 10.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Players can get cards and awakening materials from meteor city.
  • Heroes with higher speed have a shorter initial and follow up cooldown for active skill.
  • Tap on the auto button to make the battle automatically progress. Use three tiers of speed up in auto battle.
  • Enhance your characters to greatly increase their stats.

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  • Whenever a hero receives damage or defeats an enemy, they will gain lots of rage.
  • The passive or awakening skill that changes the type of hunters will not take into effect if the caster is assigned as the supporter.
  • Heaven's arena is refreshed every two weeks. Don't forget to challenge the opponents.
  • Energy capsule is regenerated every hour.
  • Don't forget to call for supporter to turn the tide of the battle.
  • On Greed island, you may hold on the ground to sprint.

Clash of Hunter tutorial

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