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Your Grace. The Yggdrasil has been revived, but Asgard is still in chaos! I am valkyrie Brunhilda. I will assist you in becoming the new ruler of Asgard! Let’s start by building a lumber camp to produce wood. To become a ruler, you’ll need an army. Let’s build barracks to train infantry. You’ve got it, but your soldiers need food to face the foe. Why not build a farm to produce food?

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Time to train the soldiers, let’s raise an army. A ruler needs followers. It’s said that heroes are always showing up in tavern. Let’s go hack them - use deluxe recruit cheat code! Savage Huntress Haanit has sworn to serve us! She is not only skillful in battle but also able to grant free build time. Please follow the instructions to develop your territory.

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For every quest completed, you will receive generous rewards! Claim your rewards in the following quest menu.
The world is a mess! We need to hunt the monsters around the territory. Check mail to learn about battles and rewards. Now that we have found our feet, let’s complete the chapter quests to become stronger. Collect 10 treasure map frag, to redeem odin’s treasure that contains valuable items and an astonishing secret.
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All right, now let’s join or create an alliance. I know it may sound cliche, but it’s tru - friends, hack cheat codes and allies are the most powerful backing to help you occupy Gladsheim. We can use speed up items to accelerate the construction. You can choose and use them to reduce construction time.

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  • Join various events to obtain abundant speed up items and use them to boost the development.
  • Valkyrie has many economy and combat skils which can grant you a lot of boosts.
  • Challenge players from all around the world and prove your might in cross-server competition.
  • If you ever spot a chest, be sure to pick it up.
  • Use cheats: diamonds, resources, speed up items, legendary heroes, level up, unlimited troops and any more

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Band together in large-scale Gladsheim warfare with multicultural allies with the help of real-time translation.
Explore the Nine realms filled with valuable resources and Odin's treasures as well as dangerous ruins plagued with monsters.

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