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In the year of 1460, the headquarters of Galaxy Union was attacked by an unknown armed forces. The battle was called the Grand assault. Almost at the same time, all the Milky Way bases of the Union were attacked by massive space pirates. Who launched the attack? Why did the quiet pirates suddenly start a revolt? At this critical moment, the union army split into two factions, the alliance and the rebels. They fought constantly, trying to establish a galaxy order of their own.

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There were not many had escaped from the grand assault. They were also the targets that the space pirates were chasing. Vital signs are normal. Waking up soon! We’ve found a temporarily livable planet. When you were asleep, a lot of things happened. Galaxy union has been dissolved. Things are in a bad way.

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More combat skills can be carried in arms control rooms. Let’s try to add a guide missile. Please observe enemy’s formation before attacking. Launch starship skill to destroy enemy’s defenses and we will gain the offensive advantage. Direct your troops to attack enemy’s command center. We will achieve victory after destroying the enemy’s command center. Place the guide missile on the building and the troops will focus on fire immediately.
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Commander, as you have seen, space pirates have been more rampant after the dissolution of galaxy union. We must strengthen ourselves to destroy these pirates, find out the conspirator behind the grand assault and avenge for our soldiers.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • To search for other players' starships, we can launch radar 3 times every day during 12:00-14:00.
  • Join fleet - fight together with your friends. Fleet members can sign in to get gems. Join fleet war to get abundant rewards. Ask the fleet members for card donations.
  • Alien invasion provides a lot of food and electricity.
  • Check battle replay to continuously improve your strategies.
  • Upgrade hercules landing craft to carry more soldiers.

Clash of planets tips
Hack cheats tutorial Clash of planets(wiki): Support cards:
  • Mine: has a large range but low ATK. It deals fatal damage to offensive enemy troops (reapers, marines). You can place mine behind the big buildings to attack the enemies by surprise. When facing the alien invasion, place mine in front of the buildings to weaken the aliens’ attack power.
  • Cannon - launches a missile of a very small area of effect to the target. Cannon has a small range, but it can hit multiple buildings which are next to each other. You can use cannon to destroy the defense building which restrains your troops before the battle starts. THe energy cost increases as you keep using the starship skill.
  • Flare - if the units didn't reach to the flare when it expires, they will stop moving and start to look for targets to attack. use flares to call your units back and forth to avoid encountering the enemy's heavy cannons. Before the forces reach the specified spot, they won't attack.

Clash of planets tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Clash of planets: gold, gift box, energy, crates.

Buildings: hercules landing craft - each landing craft carries one force. Upgrade landing craft to carry more and upgrade command center to unlock more landing crafts.
Space greenhouse - provides the food for the crew living in space. Upgrade greenhouse to increase the production of food.
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Marines: marines have minor damage but cost less. how and where enter
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