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Clash of Race Teams cheat world: welcome to new android game. You've set out to make a fortune as the manager of new race team. Let's race! Don't worry about accelerating, your car drives forward automatically. Tap the arrows to steer your car. You won a shiny box, tap warehouse to open it. Let's make your team bigger! Tap home to build your first building, headquarters.

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Headquarters - unlocks new buildings, generates. In proper race, there's more than just two cars. Your opponent is in the red car, beat it before the finish line. Winner? Go check out the new box - there might be an even nicer car inside. Let's make a place to store all those cool cars. Tap home to build garage.

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YOu have room for 4 more cars. Make sure to merge and sell your cars to keep at least one slot free - you don't want to throw away a top grade car because your garage doesn't have space for it.
Let's improve our income and upgrade the headquarters. Higher level headquarters also unlocks new buildings. You don't alaways get a box, from winning a race, that would be too easy.

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All that loot comes from your opponent's pockets. And other players can steal your coins and metal in the same way. We need to select a car to defend with against rival challenger while you are away. It would be wise to choose the best car you have. You can chance your selection at any time as you get more cars.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Upgrade tokens - looking for class tokens? You can find different types in various campaign stages. Build equipment from car parts you earn from racing. There are four types of equipment: enginem frame, airflow, and drive train. Each type boosts a specific stat. Cars and equipment use star ratings to let you know how rare or powerful they are. Six stars is the highest they can get.

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Tutorial Clash of Race Teams (wiki): race in limited time events to earn huge amounts of coins and tuning points, or even exclusive cars. Every car takes a certain number of blueprints to be built. Once you've earned enough, claim it from the cars menu. Need supercharged tokens? You can find the in elite campaign stages , hack cheat menu and the daily quest board.

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