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Free hack Clash of Wonderscheats code list - gold, legendary hero, speed up (instant), promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Clash of Wonders cheat world: in a distant past the gods created civilizations and sent pracles to guide them towards prosperity. However, the evil dragon defeated the gods and sealed them away. The inheritance of civilization is also lost in history. Mortals have since lost their faith in the gods and to survive, they have become cruel and ruthless. I, therefore, beseech you. Gods, come back to us! Send your oracles once more and lead us

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Welcome to an epic strategy game! This is a strategy rich mobile game. You'll play as a god and lead a civilization from its crude beginnings to prosperity. Transcend the eternity of time and space and achieve the ultimate goal of immortality.

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According to the prayers in ancient books, i will make the last prayer. If God does not respond, then my tribe will perish today. God responds to me! Now we are being attacked, please save us. YOu let me summon the past heroes into battle? They are the heroes from the legendary epoch, the servants of God, but can they really resist the army of barbarian king? Thank God, the tribe is saved! My Lord, you can't remember who you are, why you are here? You are God, you seem to have forgotten a lot of things, let me tell you. After the dusk of the gods, all the gods have been fallen, the Evil raging on the earth. In the previous battle you had summoned heroes to save us, this is one of God's power. I can help you remember more.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Our tribes will lead to prosperity under your guidance. You once told us that any civilization needs a main base. Our fortress can assemble troops with powerful heroes when it is within the main base's scope. Once the main base is built, we can build more constructions.
Knowledge of the wars among the mortals helps you give better instructions on the way to victories. See reports of the recent battles. You can check them any time.
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Tutorial Clash of Wonders(wiki): Each member from the force has its own range. If the enemy is out of the meber's range, it cannot be attacked by this member. But we don't have to destroy all the enemies. We can also win the battle by defeating the leader of the enemy. We have the record of every battle, and you can view the playbacks at any time.
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