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. Android game Clash Mutant cheat hack code - unlimited energy, power up materials, elements, special pack, emeralds, summon premium character, mileage box, gold coins, ruby (New York, Unated state).

Welcome! I'm a mutant ship manager! We've a goal to learn various special abilities and sweep the alien forces. So first, let's learn the basic combat system. Click adventure to proceed. Now stage and guardian information check if guardian's life reaches 0% defeat. Check stars, level, life of each team member currently set. Icon touch reader character change. If a quest exists quest check progress. Screen stops on touch and game settings menu appears. Stage get condition for star. When you win, you can acquire at least 1 star. Touch virtual pad to move in the desired way. Touch the attack button to fine nearby enemies and attack. Basic skill - you can use the character's basic skill by touching the button.

Clash Mutant cheats android, ios hack codes

Clash Mutant –  hack codes
Touch the guardian's skill button to use the guardian's skill. On the character meny, you can make up deck, power up, evolve, superb. You can sort your inventory by tapping the sort button. Characters can be strong through power-up. The higher level, the stronger it can be. But it's not the end of the maximum level. It can be stronger through evolve. Elements are a very rare resource that can be obtained from guild raid. The leader character can not be sold or used as a material. Also, it can help a friend on an infinite tower. If you tap the set button, you can call other characters together around the controlling character. Touch the change character button to change the controlling character. You can power up and change guardian and mercenary at the base.

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Clash Mutant –  cheats secret bug
Relationships based on character property. Attack with favorable property increases damage by 30%. Light and darkness are fatal to each other. You can return to the main screen by touching the back button. To evolve, you need the same property elements and the same stars with maximum level. Through evolve, the ability becomes one step higher. If you activate the auto button, the character goes into battle automatically. You can repeat the same stage by activating the repeat button. The gear effect only applies when you mount the gear. The stronger guardian and mercenary will help you get out of a lot of danger. On the summons, you can get characters or equipments with rubies or gold coins. Free is available every 8 hours.

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1. Tvo1nAvYbQ – unlimited energy
2. VEVfW8zHWP – power up materials
3. 1F7WmYg5zQ - elements
4. V8VO6Out8O – special pack
5. 55jnJrLSiO - emeralds
6. cGbYKDydii – summon premium character
7. tacxYc9DiG – mileage box
8. 67VRRq2yWn – gold coins
9. pnUwvpu2hV - ruby

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