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The new world call. Ancient lore, titanic beasts, and strange elements, all worth a fortune, and the forces of the old world have come to collect. You are a mercenary, like your mother Lara, and together, you will conquer these new lands. She has the beastmaster’s spark...and so do you. You can control the titans of the New world, and now it’s time to prove yourself. You’re ready, and just in time. Here, take my favorite beast for a spin and show us what you’ve learned!

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hack Clash of Beasts android Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Hold finger and drag to attack. Your talent is clear - now the real test begins. One down, a continent to go. Your mom's assigned us a solid starter base and a ferocious new beast to help, though - let's get conquering!

cheat Step #2: Explosive shield - generates a shield around the beast that decreases damage received and generates a damaging AOE blast when it breaks. Deadly strikes -hero fires a high powered, focused strike at a target. Keep tapping to attack. Consumes stamina.

code Step #3:Bestiary - upgrade this building to raise the level cap for your biggest and meanest beasts. More units and a bigger base - this is a fantastic start! I have some ideas for next steps, but i think it's safe to leave things in your hands, now.

Clash of Beasts android Step #4: Remember: tanks have higher health and more defensive spells than other beasts. Raid other bases to gain more resources! Lots more! Leveling up your characters will unlock even more powerful spells.

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  • 1. Beast hack list:

    Iridoz - #tqwys5dG0
    Tyranta - #61Iv31s3G
    Ar-kanos - #67fIOAw9v

    Shalegrasp - #90sJ4BeAf
    Shadescale- #EVlAUmupO
    Brightwing - #nJJLVGan6
    Elentara - #LbR5V25mX
    Lunaros - #rlOYvOBsT

    II tier:
    Harsith - #gapta5x7C
    Crushgrin - #FpsuJVIPi
    Rattlegasp - #i26CV7HNt
    Sivry - #ZbxAEu6C8
    Rootsnap - #WsFHyXuiQ
    Kalaantiss - #I9pHmkKPO
    Sevitaar - #CITIL4w6X
    Thanaku - #pIYtsnIMT
    Stitchgrue - #qB2BFtafb
    Rootsnap - #VwYzG0fDO

    tier III:
    Methisis - #xI8va6JNv
    Mavra - #dS5m14mSV
    Kerbera - #bIBbV4VZM
    Styx - #0n1AXyCn1
    Arigoz - #TdS7qwzb8
    Solara - #JlLeuzANZ
    Tonitrus - #gRYQw8Xno
    Vorathresh - #L4NOCULIL

  • 2. Are your buildings upgraded? Upgrading buildings earns player experience.
  • 3. The more essence you have, the more you can develop your beasts.
  • 4. Upgrading your gold mine and essence well will allow them to generate (and store) more resources.
  • 5. Finish more contracts to earn more soul shards for soulstone forging.
  • 6. Beasts of a higher tier are much more powerful than previous tiers. Keep forging!
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