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Slavs - In 81 Era the warlike tribes of the north united and the Slavi empire began its inexorable rise. Cruel winters have instilled in northerners a will of steel. Born of battle and suckled on blood, they know no fear. Rome – having conquered the indigenous peoples of the new world, the bickering western lords established the roman empire. The romans believe peace is achieved through war – and that new civilizations can only be built on the ruble of old. Persia – the rise of Cyrus the great was meteoric, and he quickly unified the war torn persian empire. Their rich energy reserves draw the envious gaze of other civilizations, and continue to fuel Persia's rapid development. China – in 20 era ying Zheng founded the Chinese empire. In 200 years they drove out the huns, withstood powery adversaries, invaded its neighbors, and lost the central plains – but the light of Eastern civilization can't be extinguished.

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The empire is divided into Chinese, Persian, Roman and Slavic regions, each containing 10 cities, with the imperial city of Atlantis standing in the direct center of the world. Break the siege and your castle will be moved to an area on the edge of the map. This area will be sparsely populated and afford you the space and time to develop safely. This is only the beginning my Lord! You can clearly see your position on the strategy map. Carefully inspect the surrounding area, and take advantage of the terrain to wipe out rebels and pursuing forces. Teamwork will be essential if you're going to conquer the world. You power not be as experienced as others, but you can join a new player's Warband to hone your skills and meet more comrades in arms. Find information about other lord's in Warband info, and also instigate rallied attacks on enemies there. Your allies are going to be essential if you're going to win glory and fortune.

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Heroes initiating a join action provide the squad they are commanding with 1 additional tactic usage. The tide of battle can turn in instant! Keep in mind that cavalry gives priority to charging infantry, archers will used their volley tactic on cavalry, and infantry will try to get close to archers and use melee. To build an impressive string of victories you must know your strengths and weakness, as well as those of your enemy. Use the different characteristics of each troop type wisely and you will be very hard to beat. Every time you rally and attack rebels it costs 10 vigor. After the battle there is a chance you'll find some rebel munitions and special items. You can also go it alone against enemies. This will cost 5 vigor points, and you may be able to move a lot faster. If you don't have any Warband allies nearby, strike out on your own!

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1. AoS4MSCzE5 – vigor points
2. m52AhBiByk – speed up
3. 4Tr9R2C4kT – unlimited resources (food, iron, silver)
4. qcJAYSZzGL - gold package
5. ze6jHFEfuw - booster
6. FynhTfA42i - vip status
7. 5yWdiTZK2v – 999 troops

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