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My lord, I am the archmage to assist you. Spells are ready. Cast a spell to destroy enemy city's defense. The city needs your governance to become prosperous after warfare. Please grip every minuty to rebuld your city from now. You are the governer of this city now. Please follow my guide to develop the city and defense our land. An army marches on its stomach. Build a farm to provide food. Well done! You will get plenty of rewards for completing quests. You need to train more soldiers to defense your city. Please build barracks. Building queue under 5 minutes can be speeded up for free. Upgrade vip level to increase. Free speed up time. Barbarians keep pillaging our peasants. It is time to give them a lesson! They will regroup after been annihilated, even get more powerful. Before attack, we should equip our hero with set of marshal equipment, learn skills of attacking barbarians, and send more soldiers to crash them. Show them the power of civilization and let them know this is not a barbaric and chaotic world!

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Clash of Cultures –  hack codes
Farm – produces food for your city. Upgrade to increase your food capacity and food hourly income. Logging camp – produces wood for your city. House generates silver for your city. Upgrade to increase your silver capacity and silver hourly income. Institute – allows access to new improvements. Upgrade institute to unlock new technology and speed up your research. Barracks – train your troops. Upgrade to increase your training capacity and troop defense bonus and unlock advanced troops. Parliament – allows to study and adopt social policies. Upgrade to unlock new policies and increase your culture income. Storehouse – protects a portion of your resources from enemy attacks. Upgrade to increase the amount of resources protected and your gathering speed.

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The appearance of your city will become more and more majestic with the upgrading of your city hall. Barbarians are enmies. Attack and loot their camps. Troops need time to march to the target. Then you can follow the recommended quests to develop your city. Follow tips and you can upgrade your city level faster. My lord, it takes long time to build and upgrade buildings. You can cast hack cheat code spell to speed it up. You can follow recommend quests to develop your city. Researching new technologies can improver your city power of economic and militian. It is a good idea to send our troops to gather resources when you don't have target to attack. It is possible to find items and gold if lucky.

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There are something you need to know about spells: all spells require preparation time and a city can prepare up to 5 spells. Some spells are effective immediately. Some are effective in duration time so that our magic tower needs to keep casting the spell. Any casting of other spell interrupts casting and stop the spell from being effective. Any location change of both our city and target city also stop it. In addition, peace shield isolates spells, so any spells you are casting to another city is ineffective under peace shield.
1. 456YLxFvAH – unlimited resources (wood, iron, food, stone, ore)
2. MMGPkkTmSR - speed up
3. szmZlfJfLq = gold coins
4. 9CPtIMvCv4 – vip status
5. IjIiCK2cF6 – magic obsidian chest
6. C1iUqK1Ryb – secret spell
7. vEqWyJisEV - upgrade
8. wHA7jk73kL – vip status

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