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The new world beckons. Soon will come the era of blood and fire. When the western civilizations meet the Eastern ones, the new era of navigation is welcomed by a bloody battle. Survive the baptism of red and black waves and you will dominate dominate the seas. Capacity determines the amount of goods your ship can carry! A higher capacity allows you can to conduct business on a larger scale. Thrust determines the ship's speed. In battle, the ship with higher Thrust will attack first. Without a captain, a ship will not be able to leave port. You can recruit splendid captains in the tavern.

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Clash of Harbor –  hack codes
Columbues – a navigator from Italy who devoted his entire life to navigator activities. With support from the Spanish king, he led four long expeditions. Legendary captains have great peek skills that greatly enhance your fleet. A combination of legendary captains will make your fleet invincible. The captain's stats determine the ship's damage. You can configure 5 ships in your fleet. The classic campaigns will grant you with tons of battle experience. The green bar indicates your sailors, while the red bar indicates your ship durability. When either of them falls to 0, you will be defeated and can no longer fight.

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Clash of Harbor –  cheats secret bug
You may acquire lots of battle experience in military academy. Tap and hold on the icon to view details. Charisma, valor, knowledge and leadership determine the damage and trigger chance of captain skills. Equipment increases the stats of ships. You can't equip your ship with an item whose tier is higher than the ship. The price of goods varies in different harbors. Price index is shown in exchange. Quota determines the maximum amount of available goods. Capacity determines how much goods your ship can transport. A powerful fleet costs an immense amount of resources. Remember to explore different trade routes to maximize your profit.

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1. HwOlgBMLwq – banquet recruit
2. 7TRISsclgV – coral treasure
3. NWTlKc2DxF – vip status
4. s1BftLuzom – diamond gem crystal
5. U898wVVEko – unlimited quota
6. p9qATteFU0 – contrib token
7. e9fjRpTQfu – ammunition chest
8. h0UwVz4kUU – gold coins
9. Nt67dxxYeA – stamina energy

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