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We have finally made it to the battlefield! Hope our allies can hold on! Show me what you’ve got and don’t let me down. YOu know the consequences.
We are about to enter a contested area. Be careful. Turn left and move towards the highland on the left.
Oh no! We have been detected by enemy’s radar. Concentrate and prepare for battle! Adjust your weapon and aim at the enemies! Lock them with your cannon and fire!

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A great hit! The cannon is reloading. Switch to MG and keep the pressure on! Open the cannon scope, adjust the shooting parameters and fire. Target down, victory is ours! I knew you were born for this battlefield.
Nearly 100 vehicles ready to be your ride. Including M1 Abrams, Challenger, Lecler, T-90, M2 Bradley, BMP-1, AH-64, Mi-28 and many world’s most famous and most powerful tanks, armored vehicles and attacking helicopters.

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Warning! High sence of controling, tactical awareness and strategy needed! It is not a for everyone!
Maximum for 12 us 12 multi player combat, you can choose from tanks, armored vehicles and attacking helicopters, every type of vehicle has its own advantage and weakness. Combination of three arms will be the only way leads to victory. various battlefield, from urban combat to desert warfare, experience the feeling of a new world war.
Clash of Panzer wiki
Based on your heroic performance in the last battle, this type 59 tank is yours. FIrst mission - capture the flag. Occupy the flag point or destroy more enemies within the time. Participate in a random skirmish, capture the flag, or annihilation battle. Suitable for beginners and developing players.

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  • The legion leader can change the Legion's name, but it costs a certain amount.
  • A legion can set restrictions in order to recruit a desired of crew.
  • Every day at 12:00 and 18:00 you can claim exploit medals in the events page. Remember to get them on time!
  • You can change freely between manual and auto control modes in settings to experience two different control methods.

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Ranked mode battle results are calculated based on your individual score and the opposing team’s average score. When facing an opponent with a much higher score, you’ll get more reward points if you win!
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M1 Abrams - GEdoVgHtqq
Challenger - 5WXejj7UTj
Lecler - rPcXEK3nbI
T-90 - mjeP3jTDJ2
M2 Bradley - t5eZhhgaQ0
BMP-1 - RM6yej5veb
AH-64 - fvrfhlizaZ
Mi-28 - 8Z3vfGM5tX

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