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Q5T4zt - luxury bag
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Captain, welcome to the galaxy. As your assistant, i will try my mest to help you. The coordinates of our space station was accidentally exposed to pirates. They will be here soon. The enemy fleet has passed through portal and is coming for us. Thankfully our reinforcement has arrived earlier and is about to intercept the Bendith fleet. Please tap and release the skill of cruiser Griffin to pulle the enemy in your direction. They use UAVs for air cover. Now release the ckill code of special ship Order to launch an area attack. Then release the skill cheat of ship Asura to deal a critical strike on enemies.

Clash of Stars hack

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Captain, our enemies were temporarily expelled and we are safe now. We need to speed up developing our station to prevent their next invasion. Admin center is the most important building for a space station. Please upgrade it first. Repair robot is vailable to speed up the building upgrade. Metal factory produces restore metal, which is used to build, enhance, reform and repair ships. Energy factory produces energy, which is used for fleet flying, building upgrade and tech upgrade. We need more commanders for our fleet. You can go to bar and it may surprise you.

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1. APPSFR - level up
2. NdoXNX - voucher
3. k23Cp2 - shard
4. 9tceIm - free stat point
5. CUlfO3 - characters tier list SSS

Captain, there is a commander not on board, please give orders to dispatch him. Please tap commander button, then select an unallocated character. Tap boarding button and select a warship for boarding. Your park and enhance ships in fleet bay, which affects parking capacity and enhancement upper level. Captain, data analysis shows that we are not strong enough to overpower our enemies. Please go to fleet bay to enhance your ship weapons, use cheat code mE7QTf. Fleet bay is a building where we can upgrade different attributes of ships and reform them.
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speed up the upgrade of building; speed up the repair; garrison in outer space; league member help.
Clash of Stars wiki
A league can have a star as its territory after occupying it. Each ship has various weapons, armors, and auxiliary equipments. You can upgrade the level of fleet bay to raise the maximum limit of enhancement. Ship tier list: Hawk - good at intercepting missiles and dodging quickly. It has a slight edge over other ships in fighting against UAV and battleship. It can shoot multiple targets within firing range.
leopard - with 100% hit rate and middle and long range fighting capacity, it has a slight edge over other ships in fighting against destroyer and can launch multiple missiles on different targets within firing range.

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9 cgsCSC legendary gear
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11 j03q36 gear pack

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Dear commanders. welcome to our new server. We are glad to meet you in the vast galaxy and will bring you more quality experience. We’ve prepared a newbie gift code for you. Please find the social icon on the bottom left corner of the game and then select cheat tag. A mail with 20000 crystals and 1000 supplies packs will be sent to you. Each game role can get this gift once only. Your invaluable advices and feedback will be appreciated and help optimize our game. Y9ZLZK - materials
EFu7OS - legendary ship
dXOcz0 - evolve
VLuJEx - resources
Hack rOofZy - artifacts
Cheat tfrXvf - commaders
pZDaFe - elite ticket. WvedHl - exchange code
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