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Loot window - shows each loot you have. Button 1 will send all looted items to the inventory. Button 2 in the middle sends items to the inventory one by one. Button 3 minimizes the loot window. You can upgrade your warriors by spending gold or use hack, cheats. Each upgrade will boost your warriors base health and damage. Increase your characters level by clicking on the + button. Loot button shows the amount of loot gained during the journey. Equip items: you can drag and drop an item equip it. By clicking on items a tooltip will appear.

Clicker Warriors hack

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Drag and drop or double click on an item to equip. Item level can be upgraded by using upgrade scrolls or codes. At least 5 items are required to craft. Items can be sorted by their rarity. Send equipment to craft. Crafting a new item requires minimum 5 items. Hack button will send 5 items from your inventory to the crafting slots. Each item in crafting slot increases the chance of crafting a better quality gear. Rarity upgrade: drag and drop an item to the upgrade slot and click upgrade to increase the item rarity.

Clicker Warriors cheats, hack codes

1. TIO6xp - level up
2. 4s2FQ1 - voucher
3. Ahi17K - shard
4. Ye3CWe - free stat point
5. T6FIus - shards

Item upgrade: by using upgrade scrolls item levels can be upgraded. Each upgrade will boost base stats of the item. Active skills: each warrior has a unique active skill which cna be used on combat. Warrior will charge forward and does ranged damage while charging. Activating gold skill code allows to drop gold from monsters for each click damage. Heal skill heals the warrior for a certain amount of time. On the marketplace you can activate some additional features or buy some extra goods.
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Character statistics window contains all base stats. Each talent upgrade requires a warrior soul which can be obtained upon revival. Lock progress - current round level cna be locked for farming. Guild - players can create or join guilds to participate additional content and features. Leaderboard cheat code shows the player rankings depending their reached maximum round level. Game statistics shows all game stats of current, past and active time period. Warrior revival resets the game and increases all base stats of the warrior. On warrior revival all the items except the items in the insurance slots will get removed.

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1 xx5lWn upgrade
2 8AbXwt stat point
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5 H8murn gift box
6 1FFoJh gold coins
7 X5KUll month card
8 SMkTn2 premium pack
9 TXe4L4 legendary gear
10 LblGKB vip ticket
11 6xRSl6 gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Hack cheats tutorial Clicker Warriors (wiki):
Character tier list: Knight - increases the block chance. Assassin - increases attack speed. Archer - click damage by 200% fo 20 seconds. Barbarian - critical damage. Ninja - critical chance. Mage - freeze enemy.
ELID50 - item upgrade scroll
CMdc7P - awaken
oW6BFq - epic cards
Cl0xsz - fragments
1USF0m - sumon SSR hero
Hack ztNigQ - artifacts
Cheat 3w1dUI - evade
EL5VE3 - elite ticket.
SIMNCy - exchange code
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