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. Android game Clone Wars cheat hack code - perfect clone, gene fragment, chip, blueprint, treasure box, vip, gold, casino spin, gems crystal (New York, Unated state).

Welcome to our secret base. I'm here to guide you on your journey to becoming the greatest commander in history Clone Wars! Click to enter the Gene Bank and begin searching for unbeatable clones to strenghten your clone corps! Cloning more powerful heroes greatly enhances your combat power and chance of success in battle. Keep searching for the most elite genes! Commander, your clones are already in place. Click to add them to your battle formation. We have seized some gene fragments from the enemy? Let's begin cloning them. All of your items will be kept in bag. Collect 10 fragments to clone the hero. When you have enough gene fragments, begin cloning heroes.

Clone Wars cheats android, ios hack codes

Clone Wars –  hack codes

Head over to the training center to make your heroes even stronger. Select the hero you wish to upgrade, then select the characters you wish to consume. When you have passed chapter, the auto battle system has been activated!.Auto battles see your heroes face off against NPC rivals to earn you experience and other rewards. You can click the chest anytime to claim your rewards. Go to the hero interface to equip arms, and to the equipment lab to strengthen your equipment. Click upgrade button to enhance the level of your equipment. Strengthening your equipment will make a huge difference to your heroes' power in battle.

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Clone Wars –  cheats secret bug
Utilize clone blueprints in your search for new heroes in the gene bank. Place defensive characters in the front row and attacking and supporting heroes at the rear to give your squad the best chance of victory. The accelerate function can assist you to immediately acquire the rewards of a 2 hour auto battle. Make the most of it my commander. To be fully prepared for battle, you'll need an inventory to carry all your items. Tap inventory button at the bottom of the screen. You will start with 12 empty slots. It won't be enough to carry everything you need. You'll have to constantly reorganize your items.

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1. bwQ09O0KfY - gem crystal
2. O9oU7bajuS - gold
3. hPOOJNThBG – gene fragment
4. SruioJsP9D – perfect clone
5. SBMwD8BUCU - chip
6. thYypYK9Av - blueprint
7. kmq55mJtuX – treasure box
8. oLM3lmsSMK - vip
9. BlYBc9slHj – casino spin

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