Cheats hack Club Audition M code:energy, SP, DEN, CP, tickets, ruby, jewelry box, instan finish, VIP gift codes Club Audition M Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Club Audition M hack android, ios code

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Hack Club Audition M : cheat List
energy x300 - use hack EGVsq12kj
ALL x2 (24 hours: SP, DEN, EXP, CP) - enter pass 5GW5f4A3x
growth accelerator x2 - COWr4vYOL
attire ticket x 1,500 - BKOBDr6Gu
accessory ticker x2,500 - lxMmnDpJD
DEN x2kk- InL9NIByB
Month Card x1 code - ItRY9frpp
upgrade cheat - iQo9hdUHi
daily gift bag x10 - 4AWR2WA1Y
secret combination - 7yD7scgLE
level up - iYmjdBjbZ
magic card ticket x20 - Y9CTKQzTB
Vitalizer x20 - dQiheb9ZK
ruby x2,500 - vv489ahAb
Face ticket x2,500 - XNdOFLUQ6
ring enhancement protection ticket x250 - PxtZOAFpe
mysterious jewelry box x100 - vK4rMvAHc
instant finish - 4kI2rcsXt
special reward - wv3rWfoQV
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Hey! Why are you so nervous today? I've got your back so don't worry, just do as usual. Do you see a circular arrow in the center of the screen? This arrow is called keynote. First, touch the down arrow key to complete the keynote. If you enter all the keynotes, you can get a high score, but if you are having difficulty, you can only type in some keynotes.
When you finish typing the notes, touch the beat light to complete the dance. Do you see the disc following the beats? When the disc moved to the beat light area, a score can be obtained by touching the area. The more precise beat, the better score will be. When you enter the fever keynote, you can get bonus den, so let's practice so that you can enter as many as you can.
Club Audition M Hack Basics
You finally achieved your showtime goal score. If you achieve this goal score, you can finish the dance sooner than the music. Don't forget it. The most important is exact beat and score.
Very strong bosses are waiting for you at the end of every stage. If you beat the boss at the battle, elite stage will be open for you. If you are wondering about the next story, try hard to level up and try the next episode.
Stage menu - this is where you can choose a friend to play with. Game friends, wandering dancers, and our supporters. You have to choose your company because your scores vary greatly depending on your friend's class. And, depending on the friends who you played with, you can earn friendship points, so let's make some friends as many as possible.
Hint & Tips
1. Goods cna be transported over long distances using monkeys, by chaining delivery locations together.
2. You can send energy once a day to a friend as a daily gift. Get friendship points when you send daily gift.
3. If yo reach level 5, you can make or join a FAM! If the FAM members have good attendance, the rewards will be better.
4. You can get costumes by receiving mail in mailbox. Your costumes should be equipped in dress room. Cooler costumes will make us more outstanding.
5. You can still get certain scores even if you don't type the entire key notes. You can get the score according to the number of key notes you entered.
6. You can get bonus points by continuously type the same color notes. If you succeed in typing the last nore, you receive a massive bonus point.
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Club Audition M Redeem gift code
1. qdguJLotqDyhMW1
2. HDC9WfwhXcvDNnh
3. XvDmXEVc3nWozOV
4. MmzZ4P7nlOxY78r
5. hWTln08Rulth0oC
Released BySolarios
CategoryCheats codes
Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date12 October 2020
Last Modified12 October 2020
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