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Free hack Coastal Hill cheats code list - gold, energy, tools, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Coastal Hill cheat world: what is this place? Where this fog is coming from? Whoa, where's my car? Calm down! I need to look around. Hurry up, tap on the auto shop and choose a location. Tap on the auto shop and choose the gas station. Be alert! Look, item is on the list below - tap on it. Outstanding, you found the first item! By the way, you can use different hints. They will lead you to the next item. Use them wisely.

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New quests will appear in the upper left corner. One appeared just now. Sheriff Keith Walker wants to talk to you. Hurry, tap on the icon with the image of the sheriff.
"Welcome to our once cozy town of Coastal Hill! I am the local sheriff Keith Walker. Are you telling me you don't rememeber how you got here and where your car is? I've just been told that tire marks had been spotted at the fountain."

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How am i to know why your jerrycan is lying there, but the car is nowhere to be found? There's a lot of things lying around, see for yourself! All of our stuff has been scattered everywhere!

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Amulets: iron heart - gives you unlimited energy. Noel's amulet - ensures your victory over any monster!. Shaman's drum - turns off night mode, crazy letter, and mixed letter modes on locations. Four leaf clover - increases chances to find an item required to complete a quest by 50%. Magician's Hat - reduces the cost of search tools.

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