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Colorful and beautiful planets. Cocoroa 12 star cluster. Each planet has its own characteristics, different cultures, personalities and fashionableness. Cocoroa’s people love fashion. They are improving their sense every day. Soon, who with a prominent sense were born and called “cocodoll”. The prominent sense of Cocodoll creates a special energy called tokimeki. The energy of Tokimeki is an important that can move the planets and helps people’s lives.

CocoPPa Dolls hack

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The star government managing the 12 star cluster was researched ways to get more Tokimeki and start to find someone with a sense. The amount of Cocodolls was increasing and people were living with lots of Tokimeki. But one day. Lots of Tokimeki were lost in a sec because of the meteor shower nad which is without any notice. Due to the unfortunate incident, many people have suffered. If this goes on, the planets will become rough and people cannot live anymore.
The star government made a decision immediately and decided to send agents to different planets. And now, a girl who lives in the edge of Cocoroa and want to become a Cocodoll.

CocoPPa Dolls cheats, hack codes

Lets collect elegant and beauty clothes. Cocodolls cna make everyone happy. The changing page: tap category and outfit to change hero outfit. The fashion check is evaluated by the judge for each of the 5 styles, and when the total number of it reaches a certain level, the judge is satisfied and cleared the fashion check. For each of the 5 styles, using a skill can be advantageous for that style, or avoiding the disturbing skill of the judge. Skills have a cool time that can be used for a short time once activated. Press Skip to advance to the next evaluation without using skills.
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Cocodolls have the amazing power to collect Tokimeki. They can move people with their fashion, and make people smile. I’ll teach you about clothes before the outfit checking. There are styles on the clothes. In fashion check, the style of each story is different. Choose an outfit that matches the specified style. The style represents the characteristics of the clothes, total 10 styles: simple, gorgeous, casual, elegant, cute, beauty, pure, sexy, unixes and girly. Clothes have 5 different styles, and SS-C evaluates which style is superior.
By collecting the challenge outfit can clear the story easier. It’s not just to clear, also need to get higher marks. Press “wear the clothes you owned”.

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What is official supporter? We are looking for players who can liven up game with us as official supporters! you earn points by registering and working on SNS. By collecting points and raising the supporter level, you can receive various benefits. In game you can use the in-game function to snap and post the outfits to SNS. Photography is available from the following scene. Snap and post your own outfits. O0aJR7 - supply box
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