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Your task is to capture Alpha with a command unit. Press "start battle" to start the mission. Select the command vehicle (CV) with the left mouse button and send it to the marked zone with the right mouse button. Find a hidden place to conceal your CV from potential attacks.
CV - command vehicle. CVs are mobile headquarters for regiments and divisions, marker withe the star symbol. In game they are used to capture key zones and improve certain combat characteristics of other units. The loss of the last CV will lead to an immediate defeat. That's why it is very important to protect and hide all your CVs from enemies or use cheats codes for shield. If a zone is not controlled by any faction, the outlines are white. This applies also when the both factions have a CV unit inside it. The nu,ber shown is the amount of victory points you gain. A point is captured when a CV is inside the point, it doesn't need to stand still to do so.

Cold War Game cheats, hack codes

1. S + RPiVvpha - speed up
2. V + Bq7rNhz8 - credits
3. Enter Q + nwFA9q6l - 100 premium troops
4. W + Pass jnDkyRA3 - shield
5. S + OhWa3l8N - open map
6. Enter d + NXZGh8ug - reveal enemy position
7. s + rLH2T0lk - free gameplay link
8. W + Zon7kbZV - restore health
9. Q + FrlLJqFN - upgrade vehicle
10. q + GMhOwWwD - coupon
11. s + rFPTj3pB - secret combiantion

Control info Cold War Game: protect the CV in Alpha - use hack tools M6041, give tank company as reinforcement to hold your position and protect you CV. Enemy troops are expected from the North. To select the tanks, hold the left mouse button and draw a rectangle around them. Tanks are heavily armored direct fire units that can withstand enemy fire. Tanks have the highest armor thickness in the front and are most vulnerable in the rear and sides. So it is important that only the front is exposed to enemy fire. On the battlefield, they fulfill a wide range of tasks, from breakthroughs, defense to reconnaissance by force. They are the backbone of any combined arms battle. Enter cheat code s + bZsdQmgg - 100 units.
The minimap shows the position of all your and enemy units within your visual range. The selected unit is highlighted in white.

Hack Cold War Game, basics: use the recon troop to pinpoint the exact enemy position. Reconnaissance units or recon in short have an extended target detection range, better stealth and high movement speed. These units ususally don't engage in direct combat. So consider to use the "return fire" cheat code combat (Z), to keep them hidden. Recon has a very important role in this game. A blind enemy is a dead one.
While your tanks and recon were engaged in the combat mission, the enemy sent a recon helicopter to locate our CV in Alpha. To help you, command sends you hack tools - an anti aircraft self propelled gun (SPAAG), a M163 Vulcan. Anti air units are highly effective at destroying airborne targets. They are divided into two groups: self propelled anti aircraft gund, which also can be used for ground cover and suppression, and surface to air missile systems.

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  • 1. Command reports that the enemy has captured Bravo? Use a recon cheat to reveal enemy position. It is important that you advance as careful as possible. It is also reported that the enemy has anti air units hidden near. Command will provide you with new units when the scouting is finished. Visibility range of units is displayed by pressing alt.
  • 2. Artillery is used for long distance firing both in attacks and/or in defence by suppressing or destroying enemy forces. Remember, long distance fire decreases accuracy.
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