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Welcome to new android game, i’m your adjutant. Command center has been landed, we may start our new journey here. If you want to conquer this land, you need to march first. Please select a target to attack. You may add officers here for your march. You may send up to 6 officers on a march, this mission is a easy one, one officer will do the job. We need to fill troops for this officer. Everything is ready, please make the order to march. We’ve got more officers to assign, send another march.

Colony Conflict Advanced War hack

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Choose a nearby target, only adjoining stronghold can be selected as a target. There are guarding troops on this target, we need to assign more officers. Well, officers are on march now, we have some time to upgrade our building. We’re not the only force here on the planet, we do not have positions of other forces yet. We may get more map intelligence through exploration direction of exploration is on your decision. Each building has its own function and buildings capacity, we can build another building on our new stronghold.

Colony Conflict Advanced War cheats, hack codes

Technology research takes some time, we recommend you build a technology center first. Tech center - provides technology research in campaign. Each technology has its unique effect, choose the way to research is very important. Don’t forget to come back and activate your technology. Academy - this is the place to recruit officers. There are different rarities on officers, you won’t get high quality officers in normal recruitment.
How to upgrade your officers: do nothing, they will upgrade automatically; obtain officer experience in campaign or use officer experience item to upgrade; use same officers to upgrade.
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Battles have come to frontline, our population are still in command center, we need to transfer them to frontline for battles. Only stronghold with building can hold population. We’re short on population, i recommend you transfer part of population to the target. We can launch a spy probe to explore nearby situation. After exploration, our vision has been expanded. Don’t forget, we can launch two spy probes at same time. Command center is a core building, electric and all buildings’ function will be invalid without it. Make it as our main target.

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