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The terrorist organizations were growing larger by the day. In an effort to combat terrorism, an international organisation was formed by the nations around the globe. ICIO (International counter-terrorism information organization) with the access to the military intelligence database shared by its member states, ICIO will formulate the most effective strategy and send groups of skilled mercenaries across the globe to tackle terrorist sityations. ICIO brought in only the best mercenaries soul chips in their brains. Command can now be delivered directly to the brain via the soul chip, changing the face of military operations. Verbal commands are no longer required. In critical situations, commanders can also access the mercenary's soul chip and take full control of their actions. Lead the strongest counter terrorism squad until there's not a single terorist left on the face of the earth.

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Cellular – enhances the physical ability of the wearer and increases HP by fixed amount. Anti-AR helmet – enhances the physical ability of the wearer. Choose an item you want to equip from the list. Items that are already equipped are not shown in the inventory. If you wish to unequip your item, tap on the equipped slot you want to unequip. The item has been unequipped and the item slot of the mercenary is now empty. Please make sure to equip your squad with weapons before going into battle. The AN-94 is assault rifle designed as a potential replacement to the AK-74 series. It is designed to fire 5 mm rounds with great penetration capability.

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Aim by moving the right side of the screen. Holding an auto fire weapons – it will fire automatically when the crosshair is placed on target. Switch to AI mode by pressing the undive button. During AI mode, you can check the status of the mercenaries and command them. Submachine guns are Zone fire weapons. It will aim and fire automatically when the target placed inside the auto zone. The sniper rifle fires when you release the zoon in button. In 5 us 5 multiplayer mode, you can switch your character on respawn to a different mercenary in your squad. If yoy falled mission, you can challenge again. You can become even more powerful by enhancing and upgrading your items.

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