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Quick, capture two flags to win a match! The more matches you win, the closer you get to finding the keen napped Dadmiral! Drag your Pogo to the Highest highlighted platform. Cards need justice to work! Justice cost is in the upper left corner, and is taken from the justice meter when played.
Hoverboard to the other side of the arena. Use your cards to reach the first flag. Hold the flag to capture.

Commander Keen hack

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Use the shield on the slow-n-steady to move safely and bump the turret away. Attack cards have a red border! Use the ray gun to destroy the turret. Drat, Billie got that flag, but we can still get the next one to win! Nice battle! Claim your quest for goodies, then continue! Winning PvP matches earning chests! Let’s get another one! Gadget cards are very flexible, and have a gold border. Place the mobm on the platform under the Yorp. Nice work, he won’t bump us now!

Commander Keen cheats, hack codes

Place a trampoline card under yourself to bounce straight up. Now you have a Yorp of your own! Drop the Yorp next to the wall. He took care of that wall! He’ll patrol now. You can also play gadget cards anywhere on the field. Now target the trampoline with your hoverboard! This is a great way to foil enemies, and take advantage of other gadgets. Raygun - your basic space explorer’s sidearm. Fires a burst of energy which causes both damage and knockback.
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Slow Billie down by using your raygun! Now knock her back with your Hoverboard! Watch her fly! More damage taken equals more knockback. Every commander gets armor! This will absorb damage, preventing knockback and interruption. Go my Turbokicks! They’re cheap but limited movement, great to get out of danger quick. The armor took the damage, but is now depleted playing movement cards will charge it again.
Let’s mess with Billie! Hit her before her gadget loads in to interrupt her card!

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Complete quests and get rewarded. Upgrade your cards to level up! Win trophies to reach higher arenas. You’re all set to tackle the galaxy! eD7A1J - dust
4jSig5 - treasure chest
8S7HsG - hyper attack
PZLGwk - vip status
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Cheat KxvQ4E - evade
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