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Company of Heroes Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Company of Heroes Story
This is a real time strategy game that focuses on frontline combat, capture key strategic points, and leading your company to victory.
During the game, you receive objectives. Your current objectives are listed on the left of the screen. If an objective is off-screen, the objective arrow points in this direction.
Now we will cover how to selet units. A riflemen squad - the basic unit of infantry. Note the icon and health bar above it. In game you issue order to squads, not individual soldiers. A squad has to be selected before you can give them orders. The circle on the ground around them shows they are selected. All selected squads are shown on the selection panel.
Access a squad's abilities using the command wheel. To open the command wheel, tap and hold anywhere on the map.
Hack Basics
As you can see, this squad has a number of useful abilities. To view an ability's description, drag your finger onto its icon. When you are ready to proceed, press the tick button.
The mini map is bottom left, it displays an overview of the battlefield. Tap are several ways to move squads; the simplest is to a squad and tap a location. As another way to move - drag icon from the selection panel to the indicated location and then release it.
Fog of war - units can only see what is immediately around them or use cheats codes - letter hack tools. Event cues on the left of the screen highlight important developments. The current event cue says the enemy has been spotted. Double tap on the enemy to order an attack.
Hint & Tips
1. Halftracks have the ability to reinforce nearby squads. Use this tactic offensively to reinforce on the battlefield.
2. During campaign missions and skirmish battles, you can also capture a point by ordering your troops to stand inside the white circle around it. As long as there are no enemies in the circle, your squad will begin capturing the point.
3. Commander abilities - these are unlocked during a campaign, but here's one for training purposes. Tap on the flashing button, then on the indicated position to deploy a Paratrooper squad.
4. Airborne infantry - elite paratroopers who can be airdropped anywhere. The red shield icon indicates that the squad is exposed. Exposed squads are vulnerable to enemy fire. Order them to better cover. Tap near the indicated objects to move the squad into cover. The yellow crosses on the ground indicate areas of light cover. Light cover offers limited protection from enemy fire.
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