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Free hack Conan Exiles cheats code list - attribute points, level up, gold, promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Conan Exiles cheat world: this is a dangerous place. You can sense it, like a stag senses the stalking hunter on the wind. You are in no state to fight large or dangerous creatures - even a well fed human would be a match for you in your current state. You decide that climbing away from danger might be your best course. You flex your fingers and look around for something that might be climbable. Almost any vertical surface in the exile lands can be climbed. Walk up to a surface and hold jump to attach. Press crouch to release.
Drink - weakened by your wounds and in desperate need of time to heal, you find yourself confronted by even more basic needs. The water shared by your mysterious rescuer has long since been absorbed by your parched body. Your tongue rasps dryly against the inside of your mouth. You must find water. You have no other choice. Gain water by interacting with water sources in the world or items such as waterskins and canteens.

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Eat - as the pain of crucifixion recedes, a new pain sets in. Hunger. Not the pain of going without a meal or two, but the deep gnawing ache of your body slowly devouring itself. You have not eaten for days, and now you need to find something to eat. Unless you have the means to cook, you can get sustenance from insects, eggs and grubs. Food will regenerate your health.
Use a bed or bedroll - pain has made your mind foggy. Days spent in horrible conditions have left your mind dazed - pulled inwards to protect itself. You need to sleep. To make sense of events. To allow your mind to reorder itself around the future. You just need to find a safe location where you can collapse. Craft a bedroll and place it in the world. This will make the bedroll your respawn point.

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  • Nordhelmer - a yellow haired Aesir and red haired Vanir are the pale skinned, blue eyed race who rule the kingdoms north of Cimmeria. Known for being wayward and fierce, they use their powerful buildings and brute strength to overwhelm their enemies in battles.
  • Styglan - are ruled by king Ctesphon, but it is no secret that the priests of set are the tru power in the land. Only the black ring, a cabal of sorcerers led by Thoth Amon, rivals the priests in power and influence.
  • Khitan - are known to be mysterious and secretive, which increases their reputation as powerful sorcerers
  • Hyrkanian/Turanian - dark and slender, the Hyrkanians are the descendants of the Lemurians who roamed westward after escaping their slavery in the east by the Khari. The most famous Hyrkanian tribe are the Turanians, who have carved themselves an empire on the shores of the Vilayet sea.

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  • Mitra - is the chief god of the Hyborians, a stern yet benevolent god who requires no living sacrifices. Mitra worshippers are expected to lead a virtuous life and follow the principles of truthfulness, honor and trustworthiness while abstaining from sorcery and mind - altering substances. Players who chose Mitra wish to represent truth and virtue in the world, while crushing those who dare to worship other gods. Mitra worshippers summon a giant statue as their Avatar.
  • Stygians - set worship originated with the serpent people who were driven from the world by king Kull of Valusia, but he rose once again among the ancient races of the south. Players who wish to partake in the ritual sacrifice of hearts, to learn the secrets of snakes and summon a giant serpent as their Avatar should choose Set. Set is the arch enemy of Mitra.
  • Yog - also known as the lord of empty Abodes, is a beastly god worshipped primarily by the cannibal tribes of Darfar. Yog offers strength in battle and victory over foes - in return the devotees of Yog are expected to engage in ritual cannabalism. Yog worshippers can expect to gain strength and vitality by consuming the fresh of human foes and his Avatar takes the form of a blasphemous, flying horror.

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  • Clothe yourself - the heat of the desert sun is merciless and it beats down upon your head with vicious savagery. Without even the most basic clothing you need to clothe yourself before heatstroke, insanity and death set in. Basic clothing can be crafted from fibrous plants. harvest some plants and then weave some basic clothing.
  • Slay - life returns slowly to your aching muscles. Every step is a misery of aches and pains. But you are here. You are alive. And as that thought arrives in your mind, a slow burning anger fills you.
    You were taken from your home and left to die on a cross in a place you have never seen before. Taken from everything you knew, and left on a cross for the vultures. You are gripped by the sudden, inexplicable urge to kill something.
    Equip a weapon or use your fists to damage enemies.

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  • Find signs of intelligent life - loneliness is not something you are accustomed to. For days, as you hung from the cross, you were a prisoner inside your own mind. And then your liberator came and freed you from the cross, before abandoning you once again within the wasteland. You're alone again, But perhaps amongst this sea of windswept dunes, there are others.
    Keep a close eye on the world around you in order to find lore objects and notes left by other travelers.
  • Kick - your hands ache. Sore knuckles, bloody palms, and the ragged holes torn in your flesh by iron nails. As weapons, they are less than formidable. But you have a backup. The simple kick. You know you can use it to keep your enemies on the backfoot and give you the distance you need to escape.
    Press kick to perform a kick. Use it to keep enemies at a distance when you have nothing equipped in the off hand.
  • Battle statistics - here is the detailed battle report of the battle. If you're interested, please take a look at it.
  • Don't forget to complete the quests and enhance your power! Please check them every day.
  • Before you attack the city, please make sure you have level up. if you do not, please wait until your heroes become available or call up heroes from other cities.

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