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Basic controls: Press triangle to re-centre the cursor. Gently move the right stick to move the cursor into the target. Press R1 to turn the page, hold to pain.
Find newspapers to learn about Denska’s history. You can view collected newspapers in your journal.
Landscape - switch to the design that Luna’s requesting. Press L2 at anytime to undo the previous stroke. O -to put away your paintbrush. Press X to jump on the next ledge.

Concrete Genie hack

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I used to draw these things all over town when i was little, but i don’t remember this one. How did it ge here? What’s going on back there? Hold R2 cheat code to paint a Genia. Try painting the Genie body from top down. Hold R2 while dragging out from the Genie’s body to paint features. Hold square to bring the Genie to life.
Find a way to get to Luna. Press L1 to call the Genies over. Fire Genies can burn red tarps.
Oh, man... that purple stuff, the Darkness. I didn’t realise it had gotten so bad. And what if it spread up here? Oh, my painting lit this part up. Here in the lighthouse. You want me.. to do that? To paint this whole town back to life.

Concrete Genie cheats, hack codes

Thing is, i won’t be able to do much if i’m still stuck here. I think i need to light up all these bulbs by painting underneath them. Genies are scared of Darkness mould. Paint what Luna requests to make her happy. happy Genies will give you super paint. Super paint cheat code can clear darkness mould.
Looks like my first stop will be the fish market. Can’t even remember the last time i spotted ol’ Cecil the Sea Lion around here. Everyone else might have given up on this town, but i haven’t. Splotch will help you find your Genie painting spots. Use your map to find light strands and check your progress.
Concrete Genie wiki
Use ^ to switch map filters. Click in both L3 and R3 to start the photo mode. Light up all the bulbs in a zone to clear darkness vines. Time to make to fishing port more colourful than it’s ever been! Maybe even Cecil the Sea Lion will come back to take a look. Press touch pad button to view your objective.
Denska Hydroelectric. Grandma told me about professor Lee’s great experiment with cheat code power, back in the day. But when it didn’t work out, they just shut the whole place down. You can unlock painting camera control from the accessibility menu.

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