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Cheat Conflict of Nations WW3 hack android, ios code

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Game Story
With the global economy balancing on the brink of collapse, and separatist movements emerging around the globe, the growing tension between once friendly nations leads to war. While the buildup of armed forces is spiraling out of control only a strong military industry guarantees the ability to respond robustly.
Conflict of Nations WW3 Hack Basics
Tap on your army to select it. Select the attack command. Now select the bad guys. Due to civilian casualties the public morale is very low. This negatively influences the region's production and might lead to further uprising. We should help the people by immediately providing relief, boosting their morale.
Our nation must not fall behind in the arms race. Proceed to the research facility and set the scientists straight.
Hint & Tips
1. Terrain affects combat stats. be sure to review the details of each unit while planning your attack.
2. In order to mobilize our troops we require additional army bases.
3. Be the first player to reach the required victory points. Conquer cities and provinces to gain more points. Only infantry units can conquer territory.
4. Get more units: select and research a unit. Construct the buildings required by the unit in one of your cities. Start mobilizing soldiers.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date21 September 2020
Last Modified21 September 2020
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