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The continent was split apart when the meteors fell. Calamities abounded and the empire was on the brink of collapsing. Wars broke out everywhere. A wave of changes swept across the land.
We’ve received a request for aid! Enemy forces have invaded our country and kidnappen the Sheikh’s daughter at the border. This greatly undermines the empire’s rule. Powerful warrior, please help us and calm the chaos.

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My lord, the enemy are all over the city. It is not wise to fight when we’re outnumbered. We’ll draw them out, then launch a sneak attack. Rebels, surrender now or be trampled by our horses.
We see your bravery and wisdom. Both the old Sheikh and i believe that you will be the one to lead the empire back to glory. The empire needs someone young and fierce to make it great again. Take my place.
Logistical affairs: the city just experienced a war and must be rebuilt. Build resource nodes to ensure production.

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The resource nodes are ready. Food and lumber can be used to recruit more troops. Now that the city has been rebuilt, it’s time to raise an army in case of an emergency.
Conquering lands: while the enemy plots from afar, the wise king leads an army to extinguish them. We can use boosters codes to greatly accelerate building upgrades. The people have offered us an extra hands item. It allows us to construct up to two buildings at the same time.
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Intruder bases often carry foreign treasures. Attacking them is definitely good for your coffers. Defeat rebels to earn player experience and random items. Use your skills wisely in final bastion to take down enemies stronger than you. When you defeat rebels. Heroes impressed with your deeds will come forth and offer you their relics. Continue to fight rebels to obtain heroes.
Besieged: a locus infestation and an attack by the rebels. Defend the city and protect your people at all costs.

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  • Use relics to increase hero ranks and make them more powerful.
  • You can join a guild! Your guild members can help you in various ways! We also gave you two items: new name na d avatar. Use them to change your name and avatar! You can now enter the map and fight rebels and other players. The first time you defeat a rebel of a certain level, you'll get a big first blood reward!
  • Shield - your city is protected against attack. Your shield will be lost if you scout or attack.

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Mini game - once the mini game begins, tap anywhere on the screen to spray water. You will receive rewards randomly while spraying water.
Construct the academy - we should research technology to make us stronger. Constant learning is the best way to grow. Let us begin with researching “crop rotation” to increase food production.
Intelligence is important in war. Upgrade your watchtower to gather more enemy information.
Unlock region - you can build more buildings by spending resources to unlock region.
Conquerors 2 tutorial

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