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Hello there aspring trainer! Thank you for your interest in joining Lux Solis. My name is Cheat-on, the founder of Lux Solis. In this site i’ll give you a short introduction about what we do. For years we have been studying the mysterious creatures in Velua called Coromon. What makes them who they are? Where do they come from? How many are there? These are just some of the questions we try to answer. ANd to answer these, we’ve put together a skillful team of researchers over the years. A team which feels like a family.

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Together, we’ve already managed to accomplish great things. But there’s still more to discover! We’ve just set up a new research project, to which you would make a great addition. So welcome to Lux Solis! We hope that we’re going to write a new chapter in the great history of our organization, together with you. We invite you to our campus. Here, under the watchful eye of our supervisors, we’ll prepare you to become one of the best trainers. Once you arrive on the campus, please report at the reception, and they will help you further.

Coromon cheats, hack codes

It looks like we still need to know your preferred difficulty. With this we can personalise your adventure. Most trainers use the normal difficulty, which i would recommend for the regular experience. But take this handbook and read it well. It explains the differences of each difficulty in detail.
Trainers looking for a challenge may consider using a difficulty other than the normal difficulty. But what exactly does that entail? This book will explain all the rules for the different difficulties. If you still con’t decide after reading this book, it is recommended that you choose the normal difficulty.
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Easy - this difficulty is for trainers who take it easy: coromon will fully restore their HP when they level up. No more backtracking! Shop items are 50% cheaper. When one of your unit faints, you don’t need to use a special revive item, instead you can feed i t any healing cake.
Normal - this difficulty is for the regular experience (no extra rules are applied).
Hard: if one of your coromon faints it will leave your squad; heeding the call of the wild, it returns to its habitat. You can’t escape from any battle; real trainers stand up for themselves.
Insane - the most challenging difficulty. In addition to the rules of the hard difficulty, these rules also apply. You can’t use any recall items, forcing you to travel through coromon habitats. You may only catch the first Coromon you encounter in each area, and if it faints or flees, you’re out of luck. Though you are free to capture perfect Coromon.

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Author: Solarios
Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US