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KYorsV - core
3APKcl - uranium
cMAe5q - resources
SrKyZS - secret mode code
k9FF6V - luxury bag
UiDO1M - free coupons
oh0Tov - stat point pack
pYIbNQ - secret skin
1LGxfF - fixed bug
jaL4Vi - evolve hack
ue6mOD - gift code 2020
I was born on a ship called the Bebop. I’m the only one who can’t earn his keep. I never get a chance to do anything. It’s a tough world and nobody can allow a loser like me to do anything. I should have never been born.
You’re the only survivor? That tends to happen out here. Congrats on becoming a captain. Your world is destroyed... I can help you fix up your ship. First, let’s repair the broken parts. Drop by my ship. The system is running normally, good.


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Check out the logbook to see what happened. Logbook is a travel SNS log which records everything that happens while operating the ship. Black box - records all missions and quests you receive. Battle log - records all of your battle records.
Calipso - the most notorious pirates in the universe. If parts are separated from the command center, they won’t be supplied with power. Attack ironwork and vulcan parts to the ship. In this state your ship’s a siting duck. Pirates will eat you alive. You’d better cheat more attack parts.

COSMIC WARS cheats, hack codes

1. 10PpDF - level up
2. GM4azU - voucher
3. eSsTgh - shard
4. Xb3Her - free stat point
5. Xb3Her - characters tier list SSR

Let’s upgrade your command center. You’ll need more power to expand your ship. The command center provides power. Each part requires a different amount of power, so check how much power you have when expanding the ship. COme to my hacking ship whenever you fell like upgrading yours. Let me feel good about saving you, alright? Now go win a battle or two to get some resources. Different NPC ships show up in each sector.
All construction robots assigned to you are working already? If you want it so bad, upgrade the construction ship! Are you going to upgrade my ship so we can carry out multiple constructions and repair multiple parts at the same time? If you’re not going to upgrade construction ship by simply tapping it and pressing the button at the bottom right, then stop bothering me and go away! Construct Bad touch, beambi and hammer to destroy enemy interceptors in battle.

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1 kaG4By upgrade
2 y2hhCH stat point
3 GPrFT5 coupon
4 VBbuqM promo code
5 wfJuyD gift box
6 jTuBIf gold coins
7 9d5uXN month card
8 K5vDaP premium pack
9 F9dgsm legendary gear
10 fEniHB vip ticket
11 yw9QPO gear pack

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Parts tier list:
Vulcan V - is a gatling machine gun that rapidly attacks enemy ships. Sun power - attacks with a laser beam to inflict damage on enemy ships. ironworks - produces iron, upgrades code increase productivity and storage capacity. Machine component for the past - used to upgrade attack parts and interceptor parts. Obtained in the black market, battle, or use cheat codes. Blueprint - can be traded in the black marked. hsHX9e - machine components
uxUIuP - increase capacity
od7EJc - legendary summon
8mR5Ao - special offer
ehEOEI - evolve
Hack CZOklY - artifacts
Cheat Za94IE - evade
IZiYVu - elite ticket. JgTUH7 - exchange code
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