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. Android game Cosmos guardians cheat hack code - premium lottery draw, pieces, rune fuel, vip bonus, evolution materials, cardback, crytsal gem, ruby, MC, FP. Gold coins, energy (New York, Unated state).

This game series adapts to the choices you make. The story is tailored by how you play. Select your operator: Pepper – a true native of Gaia. She is a student in the special school, and is a classmate to Earth and piliah. She had no intention of becoming a strikers' operator, but volunteered due to her friendship with Earth and Piliah. Reica – born and raised on Gaia. She works with Cornelia in special research. Long regarded as a genius, chronic laziness being her only flaw. Good friend to Cornelia, she now assists the strikes as an operator. Rebecca – born on Kronos, and later migrated to Gaia. This gifted medical doctor and researcher is one of the rare gifted individual who have been admitted to the planetary health organization. Also works as a school nurse, and love drinking.

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Cosmos guardians  –  secret cheats
increase operator level to increase buff effect. When you reach a certain level, bonus shops will oopen. You can view the last story in the collection story book. Defeat enemies to get boost fragment. Use boost to increase attack speed greately. Collect card pieces to summon the card. Obtain powerful mercenary cards from premium lottery! If you're a new agent, new events will help you grow. Buy limited cards with mc coins obtained from selling 3 star rarity cards or hack cheats code android game. If you need more information, go to community our site.

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Please use the inquiry feature in the game to report bugs. Earn more rewards from high difficulty story dungeons. Let me share some information before you enter. The first is weapon properties. That's exactly what you should know. This rule has a big impact on your combat. The basic rule is: the sword is stronger than the cannon, the cannon stronger than the gun, and the gun stronger than the sword. Each weapon has its won characteristic. If it's difficult for you to understand, think it as "papper – scissors – rock". Rock ( cannon) beat scissors (gun), scissors beats paper (sword) , and sword beats cannon. Multi has a good balance of attack and defence. Collect cards and get rewards from index. Gather fragments from raid & lab dungeons to summon cards.  Cosmos guardians – cheat tablet mode
Select your fellow:commando – specialized in attack, tanker – defense, medic – recovery and support, multi – is the type of the army well-balanced for attack and defense. Tap on the skill icon during cd to auto-cast when ready! Weapons can be obtained from story mode and weapon ruins.

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1. hR37uICXVk - premium lottery draw
2. 8popj4UVC1 – pieces
3. Y6qHLkOmKr – rune fuel
4. MdpfHLD45d – vip bonus
5. eDyfLIY96x – evolution materials
6. BmuO9gnoaT - cardback
7. IwP77iZXsa – crystal gem
8. s9pcNv6xPW - ruby
9. OvuJBpri06 – MC FP
10. ESltMq0v6j – gold coins

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