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Live and let die: a large Carribean drug cartel has grown ever more daring in their operations and something must be done about them! Agent Lionel James and a crack team of Axiom operatives have been dispatched to bring these lawless criminals to justice!

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Characters: Lionel James (faster reload) - axiom’s most debonair agent, there is no one they trust more to bring law and order to a world gone mad. Kodie Kane (extra damage) - tragic past is said to fuel her drive for justice and her desire to see the Axiom corporates fall.
Find enemy agents and eliminate them!
H - who is the mysterious agent H? No one can be quite sure, but whoever they are, they are considered armed and dangerous.
Benson Kim - one of the world’s most famous rogue agents. Benson now works to bring down the corrupt organizations that used to employ him.

Countersnipe cheats, hack codes

griffin r200 - base level griffin R series modified hunting rifle chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO.
Blackburn barracuda - entry level rifle delivers where it counts. Light and well balanced with a large 8 round magazine.
Wolverine - while maintaining blackburn’s signature compact and stealthy styling, the Wolverine still has considerable stopping power.
Achievements: sniper - deal 1000 damage; lethal agent - defeat 10 enemies; upgrader - purchase gun upgrade;courier - eliminate the courier once; win 5 games; veteran agent - reach level 5 with an agent; unlock all starting Axiom agents
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Skills: diamond eye - blinds enemy player with bright burst of light, fades from full whiteout to normal over 3.0s sound becomes ear ringing sound that fades over 10 seconds. Balistic tip - highly accurate, poor against heavy armor.
Upgrades: constrictor Muzzle - reduces muzzle flash. Mongoose response mod - increases rate of fire. Gorilla grip - reduces gun drift and recoil.

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