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Hey my brother, here is a incitant mission for you. I will send you to a city to expand our mafia. Take the box. This is my money support. Take them. My secretary and fighters are your accessories. Go Crimewood, fight for me. Now, make this city fear for your madness.
Boss asked us to cover the villa as soon as possible so that the secretary could move in. Complete first stage to unlock villa and get more AFK rewards. I will assist you in everything for our business. Hope that we could take the crown of this city at an early date.

Crime Kings mafia city hack

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Use gift code - the secretary’s favorability level is increase, and the HP is improve. Please click on area to collect the rewards for the first battle. Click auto button and the skills will be released automatically when the hero is full of rage. Click on the quick entrance and go to the archives. Enter the archives and recruit more heroes. Rewards - this is the protection fee we charged during this period, please collect it. Cover more buildings and you get more protection fee.

Crime Kings mafia city cheats, hack codes

Let’s use the resources to improve our heroes’ power. Equip your character with powerful gear. fast reward - hire consultant to operate your legal business, get the profits with 120 minutes worth of hero experience and greenback (excludes player EXP).
Glory road: what’s the medal? It said that there are 7 medals symbolized the supreme power, which are owned by the chiefs of different families. How to get them? build your own family, use cheat code, control the city and be the big shot!
Crime Kings mafia city wiki
Heroes: Manchester - has a reputation as an anarchist and vandal. Prefers to use scare tactics. gathered around a company of the same anarchists and became their leader. He calls his mini gang boyz. Masker - weared the mask, covering the scars which tells what he suffered in the past, whatever you will never see them until he died. Angel - well known mercenary asassin. One of the most respected criminals in the city. very smart, polite, courteous and charming, but behind this mask hides one of the most dangerous killers in the world. Red demon - dangerous, cruel and predatory beast in the streets of crimewood. Collects ancient weapons and armor. He professes the ancient cruel tradition of samurai - temper new weapons in the blood. Captain - war veteran. Professional sniper. Eliminated 131 targets. Follows his own code of honor. He is very calm, he defies emotion. Officially, he is presumed dead in the fire.

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Your mission is to protect and bring prestige to the survivors. You will need to build multi-purpose Fortress, fight powerful monsters and fierce enemy clans, and join alliances with other players to defeat ever more powerful foes and collect increasing rewards. EQM0cc - supply box
yA6xia - treasure chest
tFkgnH - multiplayer
ZF4IeK - vip status
mOoNou - star tokens
Hack 83UKwL - artifacts
Cheat gFaDJG - evade
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