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We need your help. You will look for clues, analyze them and find the culprit. Number means there are 5 consecutive cells to reveal. The number fades away when the requirements are met. The number fades away when the requirements are met. Multiple numbers must be separated by at least one space. Vertical hints will help too. Look at the greyed numbers: this line has already been completed. It's ok to make mistakes while practicing, but beware for later cases. Vertical hints will help too. This is how we eventually find some clues.

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hack CRIMO Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):First clue - let's analyze it and see what we can find out. Analyzing clues will lead us to the murder weapon. We know that our murderer used either a chainsaw or a knife. Let's go back to the investigation room, we need more clues.
Investigation room - tap on a pinned item to search a scene.

cheat Step #2: Here's a tip: look up for full lines and rows. Fill up the lines and rows which have a 5. Okay, tip number 2: start with the borders. Fill up the top row. Now fill up the columns down to the indicated numbers.

code Step #3:Let me introduce a powerful item: cones! We can markup cells to avoid. Tap the cone button to switch to cones mode. Now fill up the line with the 0 because it must remain empty. Tap the cone button to switch back to revealing cells.
The 2-1 line had multiple answers, but the cones make it obvious.

CRIMO Step #4: I’ve got a last tip for you: shared cells! 4 cells have to be checked on that column. It can go down like, or up like that. We have 3 hared cells. We know these ones can be checked. Don't forget to use cones.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Drag and drop the murder weapon to designate it for the district attorney.
  • 2. If you need help on some grids, you can use a booster.
  • 3. Flash grenade - it clears a horizontal line and a vertical line from this cell.
  • 5. Complete the puzzle and find clues. Find the clues and solve the case. Stuck? Use various gadgets.
  • 6. Fill the lines to solve the grids. Meet and join the crimo squad. Investigate in ifferent cities.
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