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Free hack Crimson Heart 2 cheats code list - costumes, evolve, gold, promo ticket, wind card, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Crimson Heart 2 cheat world: a world in which humans and demons coexist. The world existed in balance under the absolute entities, the dragons. But as light and shadow cannot coexist. The balance was fragile... Eventually the balance was broken by the demons. The war began with the demons’ invasion. it lasted for several years, and every continent was swept up in the flames of chaos.

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Kairin the red dragon king fell in love with a human. He abandoned the rules of the absolute and joined the Humans’ allied forces to participate in the war. The war ended with the humans’ victory, and most Demons fell to ruin. 2 years later... a small demon village was discovered in the northern mountains of the Carol region.

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It was not difficult to overpower the demons who had no warlike intentions. However, a magician from the enemy side opened a dimension gate to summon evil creatures, changing the tide of the war. I am Cheat-on. Recently, i was appointed as the commander of royal knights of Roth empire and ordered to go into battle on Judgement day. I already lost too many of my precious soldiers and i can no longer push them into facing death once again. I must do whatever i can to turn the tide to our advantage.

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Combo buff - the circle gauge accumulates when you continuously attack enemies. There are various buff effects if you fill the gauge. Identifying the attack pattern of the magician will bing victory with ease. Conquer ancient dungeons to gain faster leveling and more items!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Filling the combo gauge will activate a combo buff.
  • Press the pause button on the upper right side to open the menu window.
  • Inventory menu - where you can see your belongings.
  • Potions are a must have item when you go outside.
  • You can convert materials and output by tapping convert materials at the bottom.

Crimson Heart 2 tips
    Tutorial Crimson Heart 2(wiki) :
  • Exciting and Exhilaration spreading from the beginning of the first floor!
  • See the power of the wing that appears when the card is equipped.
  • The characters that achieve the level are automatically engaged. Please check the mailbox in the game for event compensation

Crimson Heart 2 tutorial

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  • 1. MOHdDlaoCU1RvFL - legendary items
  • 2. y8dTBL9FrruXdJ5 - evolve
  • 3. CAskEWh8dS7bfr8 - wind card
  • 4. QJsQlehAlAzwSkV - promo code
  • 5. 5j3oaIHWQSAZRxF - costumes
  • 6. JKqmpDNGkGig8Q3 - gold
  • 7. Mnb8x2hurXolwO5 - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. qVusmzeExJSMxRJ - premium pack
  • 9. guSWD9x4am59B8G - chest
  • 10. OznHxTXf6vJHEbU - vip ticket

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