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Show me what you’re learned! Attack the target, go! Tap on the note to strike the target. Subsequent notes will allow you to deliver a chain of attacks. Tapping on more notes increases your combo streak, which will in turn grants you an additional strike. Tap the note to start your combo!
You’ll break your combo streak, so tap on time with the beat.

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Seems like you’ve taken heavy damage. Pay attention to the health points you’ve remaining. Tap on the item icon to select the health potion.
Shields reduce damage taken from attacks. Blue bar - this shows how much mana you have. Mna is a valuable resource used to execute skills. Shields are executed differently from attacks. You’ll need to tap a certain number of notes to execute them! Tap on more notes to further power up your shield.

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Focus on the visual feedback when tapping notes! Tap on the right time for stronger skill effects. However, notes will disappear after a duration when not tapped.
Spells are powerful skills with special effects. Select a spell, to check its special properties, tap on the info (i) button.
Congratulations, you have successfully completed your training. Now that you’ve grasped the techniques, i’ll leave the battle up to you. Enjoy yourself.
Crimson Song wiki
Like the parameters each of the players have, and their various personal techniques. Those sound a bit more important than “some little details”. Tap the rental button to allow other players to use your hero. If there was anything you didn’t understand, please check the help section.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • As you accumulate fame for a player, you can iFrom the inbox you can receive rewards that are sent to you. The inbox can hold a maximum of 200 items, If it goes above 200, old items will be deleted. You cannot take items if you are already holding the maximum amount, so be careful.
  • To change your character's outfits, you first need to raise their trust.
  • Complete challenges to receive rewards. There are 3 types of challenges: daily, timed, and anytime. Anytime challenges never expire until completed, but may take a while to complete.

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Which character’s Venus board will be added is determined by the results of popularity contests, so be sure to cast your vote. Any hero can become venus rank, so train the heroes you like the most into the best of the best. To use S-venus pieces you need gold. Gold is earning through sales or missions. THe hard work will pay off when your s-ventus heroes hit the pitch.
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