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CRISIS S Game controls: Bounty hunter? Don’t go any further, Desa city is no place to earn gold nowadays. Hear the gunfire over there? You don’t want to know what’s going on inside. The Glovian army has launched an attack on the Desa Scale District today in the Harry of “arresting traitors”. Even normal residents in the city are affected...We fled with some of the luckier residents, but there are still many people stuck here. I need your help. We need someone to eliminate the pursuing soldiers.


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Tap the melee button to attack the enemy with your katana. Tap the Gun button to use dual guns to perform ranged attacks. You can tap the arrow keys to move and shoot at the same time. Character each has unique skills, use them in combination with normal attacks to deal massive damage. Upgrade - if you tap auto increase, materials will all be automatically consumed for the upgrade. After moving for a period of time, you will enter the haste status and can reach the destination faster.

CRISIS S cheats, hack codes

The wind stops, along with the surrounding enemies. Like statues or lab specimens, as if time itself has stopped flowing. A black shadow appeared before “you”. Oh, you do have advancement materials in the bag. Tap “auto advance” to raise the star level of your pet. Mounts of different tiers will look very different. You can tap on the center of the joystick to mount or dismount. Isn’t it convenient?
Forge - this is where you can enhance your gear. Enhancements costs gold. High tier gear can be enhanced to a higher level. Vip status - get: EXP from killing monsters +300%, unlimited Hermes shoes teleports and transaction tax halved and other privileges. Don’t forget to equip EXP medals in EXP instances. EXP medal can be equipped to increase your EXP gained from offline idle by an extra 50%. Become a VIP player to enjoy numerous privileges and level up faster. Through “map - world”, you can switch to aline with fewer players that may loot your resources. Lots of set gears can be obtained from the imperial garrison.

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