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2025.03.23 relaying encrypted communications. Base infiltrated. Major facilities are taken over. Engaged in battle. I saw our allies in combat on my way here. You should help them immediately. Let’s show those enemies what we’ve got. They may have the numbers, but it won’t matter against my precision guided munitions! Let’s attack them from the rear and fill our skill gauge. Tap all to select all units. Tap on the enemy to attack. Precision guided munitions: drops bombs along the marked path and deals damage to the enemies on the path.

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Remaining troops are going to follow your order! First, you should train some soldiers. They can fight with us. It’s time to assign new units to your force. Go to the officers’ quarters and assign them. Most soldiers don’t have weapons that can easily penetrate vehicle armor. Use EMP - emits an EMP at the marked location. Neutralizes enemy mechanical units and buildings. Through we successfully recaptured some sectors, enemies are still out there and we’re barely holding the line.

CrossFire Warzone cheats, hack codes

Terrorist attack have devastated our base, and we face a crisis we’ve never seen before. We are in need of capable leader like you. We need to reorganize our forces and drive out enemies. We’ll need to upgrade a few facilities for this. The command post is out most important building. I hope you’ll always pay attention to it. The vehicle plant is up and running. We can start assembling combat vehicles now. Gold - is absolutely perfect. It can complete anything instantly. Honor, resources, and most of your necessities can be taken care of by gold.
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We have taken our radar station back. The facility is now available. I adjusted it to use for detecting or attacking the enemies. Chapter quests: put out the fire at the command post, recapture sector 1 from enemies. Units: Azur - effective against soldiers. Can attack airborne targets but not effectively. Eva - neutralizes enemy mechanic unit and buildings within a target area with her emp device. Leads combat vehicles. Ethan - increases commander’s stamina recover speed. Clora - reduces building upgrade speed. Lacey - decreases ATK on all enemies.

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