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Our liberation army is heading towards Roswire, the first gateway into reclaiming Angel hall. You are the new commander of the liberation army! Look, you already have quests to do. Adventure list - perform the main quests shown here. I will help you and explain to you the mission of the liberation army! World map - you can enter the adventure mode from here. Operation reclaim Roswire - a once bustling city is now abandoned. Every step calls the devils. Are you ready? We are entering the real battle field, use hack cheats code.

Crossover TheRanker hack

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Special support events for newbie - After clear adventure (normal) 1-20. Get a stylish wide area dealer Sylar, reward 50x Sylar soulstone paid. Characters consume the SP gauge to use skills. The SP gauge is shared among all characters so be careful. You can activate the double speed mode to battle faster. If you activates the automatic mode, the party members ill fight using skills by themselves. You can obtain various rewards by clearing the adventure modes.

Crossover TheRanker cheats, hack codes

1. qdP8OK - level up
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Also the party members participating in the battle will earn experience. Through this battle they leveled up! You received 50 thelma soulstones as a reward - gift code LThKrN. Soulstones cheats are important items used to reinforce characters and to obtain new characters. You can make a new comrade by using the 50 soulstones. Thelma is a great comrade that can inflict a powerful physical attack and makes the enemies faint. You can move to different menus easily using the shortcuts.
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Use UV7KfA - you receive experience jewel. The characters can get EXP through the EXP jewels without playing adventure mode. The characters earn experience instantly through the experience jewel. Higher grade jewels will give more EXP. Use the EXP jewel codes on Thelma so she can reach the same growth as other members.
The energy hack is an important resource to enter to adventure modes. Get “love”, clear 10 times guide quest: 1. click on guide quest in the main lobby. 2. Clear the mission by step and earn special rewards. You can earn account EXP by winning adventure modes and level up your account. YOu can get more energy storage with higher account levels.

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In the arena you need to deploy your attack and defense teams. Prepare the attack team first! The attack team is the team that you are going to use to attack your opponents. You can complete the team formation fast by using hack cheats codes or the auto deploy function. Now its time to set the defense team. This is a team that is going to fight against other users who try to attack you. Once inside the arena, random opponents with a similar amount of points as you will be matched. Check the information of your opponent. If you think that an opponent looks strong, tap the next opponent, and search for another user. But be careful, you cannot skip and must fight the 4th matched user. In the arena you can see cheats, codes, hack tools and the total HP of each team and the remaining time. If the time runs out the team with higher HP wins. In the arena, players are not allowed to select skills to use personally. The characters will use them automatically. nxPeMD - jewels
rpxaDj - rank up
rVUjAV - awaken
BjQyZq - materials
Hack xwIFBO - artifacts
Cheat UPFGeF - growth funds
dSS2I7 - elite ticket. tyKRy4 - exchange code
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