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Crown Four Kingdoms cheat world: that was close. Here is your weapon. I've fortified it with the power of the relic as a gesture of appreciation, use this power to defeat evil. We've almost go this place under control, the fighting is even heavier on the front line. Go and meet up with the other two kings at the front line. Watch for enemy's ambush and find that battle maniac at the frontline. Use your nex skill to beat your enemies.

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TOp - here dispalys master's current lord position. Complete quests and join kingdom war to acquire devotion. When it's full, tap upgrade to level up your lord position. Leveling up lord position can greatly increase your ability and acquire new skills. Lords may collect their pay once everyday. Higher positions will have higher pay. If master work hard for the kingdom, you'll definitely be noticed by the king.

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Characters: warrior - as the vanquard for battles, always attends battle first. A must in the party. Assassin - moving with lightning fast ATKs, assassins will slash the enemies before they are sensed. Ranger - ,astered in shooting, rangers make targets unable to react with speed attacks. Archmage - stick to elements, archmage uses superior mind to reach unparalleled power in magic.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: purchase designated number of diamonds in one order to receive orange weapons and pudding bunny mount. You can purchase 5 times in total, for the 5th purchase, you can get unique wings. Get higher refining level for higher character ability bonus. Awesome master, keep using extreme skills to defeat the monsters in town.
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