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Free hack Crown of Glory cheats code list - resources, summon, evolve, promo ticket, stamina, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Crown of Glory cheat world: king Roland escaped the castle with the help of his supporters. We must find him first. There’s no way we let the rebels have the king. The powerful black guard is serving under us now. The elite warrior Sead will fight alongside you. His paladins will crush your enemies and help you find the king. The time is against us. Let’s search from Boca.

Crown of Glory hack

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Whenever your heroes move, attack, make a kill or are attacked in each round, they’ll earn rage. We need to enlist more heroes to help. Please recruit Ambrose first! Ambrose deals area damage to surrounding enemies. Before advancing, we should improve our strength. Experience potions provide hero EXP. Leveling up increases: attack, defense and forces. In addition, ordnances can greatly improve a hero’s stats. Make sure your heroes have the right tools for the job! Once you’ve equipped all necessary ordnances, you can evolve them, greatly improving their stats.

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Use Ambrose as your leader to start with an additional 50 rage, allowing you to use skills more quickly. Dragging heroes can change their position and it play the role of turning the tide of the battle. Tap on heroes;s card to view info of them.

Crown of Glory wiki
Characters: Corlagon - deals damage to enemies and may restore rage. On each turn, this unit may deal more damage. Archbishop - increases all the allies’ attack, defense and speed for several turns. Queen Catherine - her skill enables all the melee allies to attack twice in a row and receive less damage from basic attacks. Sister Eliza - confuses enemies, making them attack their own allies as well. Kin Roland - at the beginning of battle, enables all allies to receive less melee damage. His skills deals massive damage to an enemy, and if it kills target restores all allies’ rage.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The actual effectiveness of an ability depends on its level. Remember to upgrade the abilities!
  • After Ambrose reaches 3 star, his skills aslo stuns the large sized enemies like knights or cryphons.
  • After Sead reacher 3 star, his skill may counterattack the enemies.
  • Remember to level up your heroes and equip them with ordanances for an easier victory!
  • You can dodge while being attacked.
  • Encounter an obstacle you can't cross? Try jumping over it.

Crown of Glory tips
    Tutorial Crown of Glory(wiki):
  • Tap on max button will make hero's abilities increase to the maximum.
  • Abilities could have powerful effects on the battlefield.
  • After advancing, all statuses of the hero will be raised and new abilities will be unlocked.
  • Hero skills are extremely powerful! They have the power to turn the table.
  • Establish your armies and find King Roland to complete your adventure.

Crown of Glory tutorial
Events: 1. The first single recharge - it only can be recharge once and will get reward. 2. Purchase rewards - it can be recharge multiple time and will get reward. 3. Growth fund - spend diamonds on it will get more diamonds as revenue. 4. Gift code redeem - we provide the gift code for player, it can help you become stronger quickly. 5. Carnival event - there are six big event only for the new server on first seven days. Each single event contain a large amount rewards.

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  • 1. Rrh16foilVumk2i - upgrade
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  • 4. ERQYJVPXZxbBL75 - promo code
  • 5. x5AG9aAQwcddl7j - resources
  • 6. vt3qV7hIOQRG2PE - evolve
  • 7. eTRX8DCZ2xZMYFt - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. mS2S1fvf8FGLd35 - premium pack
  • 9. xCMcHGaPklYDph0 - chest
  • 10. EftQAJ60jeCKZ53 - vip ticket

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