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In the beginning the lord of Darkness spread chaos across the universe. The Gods joined forces to save the last seed of light. And so Antia was borne away into a new space. They created a time portal that led from the original universe. In hope that they could bring back order and instill new light. Thousands of year passed on Antia. Until one day, the ill fated King Arthur attemped to breach the portal with for of his most loyal champions.

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But their medding roused a dormant darkness. Folk became sickly, famines and wars occured, and the blackness encroached upon all living things. The king’s only hope was to contain the source of evil. So onward they pushed through vale and slough, swamp and rock. Till at last king Arthur and his champions came upon the lair of Mac’haab. Could the disciples of light vanquish this new lord of darkness?

Crusade of Heroes cheats, hack codes

Basic controls: match 4 or 5 Naya stones for an explosive Naya Crystal. Tap - trigger a special attack. Elements affect how much damage you do with attacks. Attack the fire enemy with nature. The attack is weak. You can always find this information in the top left corner of the screen. To avoid being defeated, we need to enhance our strength in training camp - allows recruits to be trained into heroes. Advanced training camp can train legendary heroes. We can use extra heroes to strengthen our main hero.
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We need stone to build the base. Tap an empty area to build a stone quarry. We need a house to accommodate recruits. You can train more than one heroes at a time. We can summon heroes from the summon gate. You can use horns or diamonds to summon heroes, but free for use cheat codes. Rebuild the territory to defend it against future attack. Castle - the base of operations for your empire. Upgrading the castle can open new areas and increase the maximum building level.

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