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Following the command of lord D'praive demons are steadily encroaching. Intending to transform Milura into a realm where evil drills. Though terror covers the desolation and advancing forward could mean a certain death. I have faith that Titanus would guide us through the triumph over evil Long live Milura. My dearest Lusitana: your grandfather will finally retire this month and will return to you. In my 15 years here, the demons have always remained behind the wall. So, I won't be able to regale you with stories of heroic battles with demons.

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Crusaders of light  –  warrior class
Warrior (difficulty – intermediate) – armed with battle axes, warriors change the enemy head-on. These fighters excel at distracting foes so that others can land the killing blow. At level 20, warriors can shoose one of the following paths: executioner, gladiator, fang of titanus. Executioner – a ferocious close-range DPS class. Get the Blood Thirst promotion skill that deals heavy damage to one target. Gladiator – a staunch, unwavering defender who bears mighty shield. Get the gladiator heart class skill that gives a shield and deals are damage. Fang of Titanus – a master of battlefield combat who excels at medium range combat. Get the Death Gaze class skill that pulls in the target to you deals heavy damage.

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Crusaders of light  –  ranger class
Ranger (difficulty – novice) – wielding bows and arrows, rangers deal massive damage, but cannot afford to take many hits. These woodland archers fight best with a team they can trust to distract the enemy. At level 20, rangers Crusaders of light can choose one of the following paths: scout, forest guide, animal tamer. Scout – the defender of nature. Get the starblade volley class skill that deals heavy damage to one target. Forest guide – a master of long range tactics battle techniques. Get the moonlight class skill that dazes the target and deals damage to it. Animal tamer – a beastmaster who can enlist ferocious creatures to assist in battle. Get the wild road class skill that increases the attack damage of teammates.
Crusaders of light  –  mystic class
Mystic (difficulty expert) – masters of strategy, mystics are magic users skilled at both healing and darker spells. These fighters excel at distrating fors so that others can land the killing blow. At level 20, mystics Crusaders of light can shoose one of the following paths: verity spirit, magellana's judgement, shepherd. Verity spirit – a mysterious, dual – path fighter with long range battle skills. Get the void spirit rain class skill that deals area damage and inflicts the fear effect. Magellana's judgement – the blessing of all-mother magellana converts some healing capabilities into the power to inflict much heavier damage. Get the suppression class skill that deals continupus damage on the target. Shepherd – a holy healer who provides invaluable support. Get the consolation class skill that greatly restores the HP of allies in the Enlightenment state.

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