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Basics: drag your unit and drop it on an enemy unit to attack. You fight with AI opponents in single mode. You receive a reward when you first clear each stage. It is recommended that you clear at least 4 stages before you go to battle against other players. Drag a unit card from the bottom right corner to summon a unit. You spend an elixir when you summon a unit. Drag your unit and drop it on an enemy unit to attack. To win, you must reduce enemy hero’s HP to 0.

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Formation and ranged attack: summon units with high HP to the front row. If there are units in the front row, units and heroes in the rear row can’t be attacked. However, an extra elixir is consumed to summon a unit to the front row. Summon a ranged unit. A ranged unit can attack anything, regardless of the enemy formation. Units summoned this turn can’t attack enemy.
Drag a spell card and drop it on the battlefield to cast a spell. You spend mana when you cast a spell. Use here ability: once the hero ability gauge is full, you can use a hero ability. The hero ability gauge is refilled when you play a card.

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Unit skill and debuffs: use unit’s special ability - summon effect an ability that is activated when a unit is summoned. Death effect - an ability that is activated when a unit is killed. Use debuff attacks - use either unit abilities or spells to inflict status attack. An extra elixir is consumed to summon a unit to the front row.
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Beast knight - selected player’s unit is empowered with shield and lasting recovery. Ogre fighter - a player’s unit is empowered with attack +3. magma Giant - selected enemy character takes 4 damage. Shockwave - an enemy unit take 1 damage and is stunned. Spirit of ice - any unit attacked by this unit becomes frozen. Shield - block an attack. Destroyed if this card takes any damage. Stunned - can’t counterattack. Effect vanishes at end of turn or when attacked.

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