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The empire of Guilsania is composed of several territories. You are a lord who governs one of these territories. The wind gently strokes your cheek. Hushed corpses litter the round around you. Burining ramparts crackle and crumble. You feel no signs of life here. Death so pervades the air of this place that it is as if no living things has ever existed here. This land that you helped build with own two hands is but a pathetic shell of its former self. The destruction has left it night unrecognizable. The land you love that you built with your allies has been devastated, by a vile menace: a mystical beast.

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As the people try to overcome their sorrow and begin rebuilding their homes, many warriors come to you, their liege, hoping to help take revenge on the foul beast. You mist now choose a warrior to accompany you from their ranks. You sense strong determination in the hearts of these warriors. You pledge to kill the mystical beast with your own hands to take revenge for the lives lost. The battle to subdue the mystical beast starts now. Your goal is to defeat an enemy stronger than you can possibly imagine.

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Your warriors await your next command. Choose your moves wisely for the fate of your home lies in the balance. The bar above enemy units is their health gauge. Once all enemies’ health has been depleted, you will be victorious. There are a total of 5 attributes, each with their own resistances and strengths. Make use of them to swiftly take down enemies! Targeting circles indicate attribute bonuses by color. By tapping an enemy unit, you will perform a normal attack. By tapping either icon ont he lower right side of the screen, you will activate a skill, a special kind of ability.
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If you and your troops are going to survive the harsh realities of war, strengthening your warriors will prove imperative. To strengthen a unit, first select the unit you wish to strengthen. This unit is known as the base unit. Next, select the units you will use as materials to strengthen the base unit. Select two units that you acquired in battle. Press the OK button to confirm your selection. All the preparations for performing a strengthening fusion are complete. Now press “fuse” to begin the fusion process. Your newly strengthened unit exudes vigor.

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