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Free hack Crystal Hearts World cheats code list - rune, legendary summon, gold, promo ticket, keys, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Crystal Hearts World cheat world: after the great chaos caused by the crystal the world was restored to its former peace. However, bad things took place one after another. Even the ancient Death knight who led the destruction was revived.
Controls: In battles you may order heroes to move, attack, and cast skills. Before joining battle please get to know the basic control first.

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The same control as moving drag to an enemy to specify an attack on the enemy. Healing follows the same method as attacking. You can specify a friendly hero to perform healing. Every hero jas skills. The skills are marked at the lower right corner. Tap an enemy to use the skill. Skills: Thunder trial: deal damage against all enemies in the front and blow them back, with a certain chance to stun the targets. Bright blessing: heal health for allies and dispel debuffs. Also, deal damage against enemies and summon flashes which can dispel buffs. Dragon creation: swiftly wield dual swords, dealing damage against all enemies to the front for 4 times. Phantom dart: teleport behind an enemy and shoot a dart dealing damage.

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You can control battles manually in crystal heart auto button and fast button are also available to carry out battles fast and automatically. Please enjoy the world of crystal heart as much as you can! You’ll need companions during your adventure! Let’s hack a companion! First summon - tank! A tank is the shield of the team. It’s a very important hero.

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Become setting the hero configuration, let’s get to know the team configuration. The advance guard column - stands at the front line. usually it’s best to set a tank here. Two in the middle are middle guard columns. It’s better to set melee or ranged heroes here. The last one is the rear guard column. To be safe, it’s better to set support or healer heroes here.

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