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Free hack Crystal Hearts cheats code list - gold, legendary weapon, tools (keys), promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Crystal Hearts cheat world: after the catastrophe caused by the crystal, the world managed to enter a new era of peace. However, sinister events have been detected all over the world, and even the Deathknights, the overseers of destruction in ancient times, has resurrected.

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In crystal hearts, you can move, specify attacks, and use skills during battle with your heroes. Drag your hero toward the enemy and that enemy will be selected as the target of your attack. Just like attacking, healers can select an ally to heal. Each hero has their own skills. Their skills are shown on the right bottom.

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You can play manually, but you can automate and change the speed of battle with the auto button and the high speed button. To play the adventure, we need an ally! Let's go summon an ally. You've summed a tanker. A tank is an indispensable hero who acts like the team's shield. First cell is the front line. As you can guess, it appears at the forefront. The basic rule is to place a tanker here. The two cells in the middle are the middle lines. Your best bet is to place melee damagers or long range damagers here. The back cells is the rear line. it's safe to place supporters or healers here.

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Skills: Judgment of thunder- deals damage to all enemies ahead and blows them away, Has a chance to stun targets receiving damage. Weaklings - deals damage to all enemies within a certain radius and blows them away. Rolling creation - swiftly swings double swords to deal damage to all enemies ahead 4 times. Shadow shuriken - teleports behind the designated target and throws shurikens to deal damage. Goddess's touch - restored the HP of the designated ally, granting a temporary immunity barrier. Blessing of splendor - randomly summons flashes that heal allies and remove debuffs, while also dealing damage to the enemies.

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